Dating Unavailable Man Are You Dating Mr Unavailable

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Are You Dating Mr. Unavailable Waiting For Him To Change His Ways? Try THIS…

Are you sitting at home alone on a Sunday night eating dinner, watching DVD, reminiscing about your weekend without him and wondering why the heck he didn’t call and ask to see you this weekend?

He knew you’d be available waiting for him to call you and ask you out. And you know he didn’t have any exciting plans. No family coming over from out of town; no baseball games to attend with his buddies. Why the heck didn’t he call?

You know he’s not seeing anyone else. You are pretty sure of that.

He was online on a dating site on which you met Saturday night apparently having nothing better to do. You know he didn’t have a date; and you know he didn’t hook up with anyone else.

And you have a great time together; only WHEN you are together. But you were not – not this particular weekend. And you wonder why.

But he still calls you and texts you. Not every day, but he is on the horizon.

What’s going on? Why would he choose to be at home this weekend with not much excitement when he could have been with you? Why did he prefer the company of his laptop and TV over an exciting romantic dinner, movies and cuddling by the fireplace with you?

Or perhaps you both share a passion for walking on the beach. It’s very romantic indeed. This is something you totally envision yourself doing with someone you are falling in love with. You’ve told him you would be excited to do this sometime; but this weekend (you found out from a mutual friend, or from his Twitter for that matter) he went to the ocean (to walk on the beach) BY HIMSELF!

You probably have a lot of questions, and I am going to answer them right here in this article.

When a man acts the way I’ve just described herein, this is what it means – he likes to keep you hanging, but he wants to keep your expectations low.

This does not mean he is a commitment phobic. But he senses (and men know it when women start to have higher expectations) that you want more than what he is offering you right now.

And after spending a great weekend together; when your time together is filled with exciting activities, lots of passion and kissing, he suddenly turns ambivalent and mysterious, which makes you wonder why he changed!

Being a wise woman you decide that perhaps he’s changed his mind about you and start moving on. You don’t call him and confront him, because you know better. You pressure yourself to move on with your life. And just as you start to move on he re-appears as if nothing had happened.

The reason he is re-appearing is because he doesn’t want to lose you in a capacity in which he has you!

He doesn’t want to lose you completely because obviously he is getting lots of perks from your relationship.

He may be telling you he’s busy but wants to see you as soon as his schedule clears up. He calls you and texts you to stay in contact, but he’s got too much drama in his life, or is very busy with work and other commitments.

But you wait patiently because you believe that he likes you. And you are right on the money here – he does.

Perhaps he can’t see you more often because he is busy and has other priorities in life; or he lives too far away to drive to see you often; you he’s made commitments to his family, his buddies, his fishing and hunting friends, his neighbor, his kids, his kid’s mother, WHATEVER…

And you, being a wise woman again, know that in order to develop a healthy relationship with a man you should give him the freedom to do the things he enjoys. You don’t want to take anything away from him because you know that as soon as you start taking things away from a guy he will resent you.

So, you are waiting patiently until he finally gets around to his last priority – YOU.

But the truth is; HEAR ME OUT! – when a man is falling in love with a woman he will MAKE YOU HIS PRIORITY!

But don’t worry, because I am about to tell you how to turn your relationship around, and finally become HIS FIRST PRIORITY!

You may be saying, ‘but he’s got kids’ that he is responsible for’… ‘but he is playing poker with his buddies’ and that’s what he’s been doing for years…. Etc.

Listen! When I dated a man who raced a Ferrari, he didn’t have to chose between racing and me… He invited me with him to a race…

When a dated a man who was into playing baseball with his buddies (and this is something he’s been doing for 20 years), he invited me to the game!

When a man is truly falling for you he will want to be with you every waking moment. He will want to merge your lives together; and he will want to introduce you to his life and the things he loves. He will want you to be with him at his house when his family comes over; he will want you to get to know his kids!

Asking a man why he didn’t call you this weekend will only add aggravation… The answer you are looking for is there – he didn’t call you because he didn’t feel like it.

If you give a man shit about disappearing on you; scold him for not inviting you with him; tell him you thought you were a couple, and other things like that… it may TEMPORARILY get his compliance because he doesn’t want to interrupt a continuous stream of sex he is getting from you…

…but it will piss him off eventually…

The only really thing that works here to make him CHANGE HIS WAYS – is to MAKE SURE HE FALLS FOR YOU! And I have outlined a plan that’s based on scientifically proven facts to make any man fall in love with you right on THIS PAGE!

Once you learn what makes men tick, you will HOLD THE POWER to make any man fall in love with you, so CLICK HERE NOW TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!

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13 Responses to “Dating Unavailable Man Are You Dating Mr Unavailable”
  1. Gina says:

    Interesting article and so on the money regarding a man I’ve known for well over 3 years now who’s gone from the “madly in love” to the “slow boat to China” mode although throughout all of this time I’ve never chased him, waited around on his calls or plans for a next date. I have even dated other people in between seeing him and have even canceled dates (bored with his pace and at this point no longer taking him serious).

    At now 48 years old, never been married and with no children……….are you sure he doesnt qualify as a commitment phobic? Personally I dont jump in head first when hanging out with him and he’s said some pretty serious things to me about us “being together” on a very tangible note………but my non-response was more of the listener than the participating conversationalist so maybe I’m guilty for running the man off. This area is not in my expertise. Please advise. Thanks!

  2. kaye says:

    I can relate to this article. It recent just happened 2 days ago when im with my 2 year boyfriend,were just hanging out and i noticed that he is eager to drop me home than spend more time together. He choose to drop me home than stayed with him as usual in his place coz of many reasons…i have work the next day(just now he gets bothered dropping me in the morning at work,he has new gadgets,laptop and a new blackberry and a can of beer on the side)he will not sleep until 3am so he will be just disturb my finally i am in my house when i called him to say goodnight that he answered with an irritated voice asking me what i want…why im calling and he burst out that he is still out hanging out with her lady friend, like im disturbing him. he said he would call when he get home but of course it didn’t happen. he called the next day but i didn’t answer until now.

    its been like this for 8 aching months…ive tried too much ebook advice and none of it seems to fit…im loosing hope…i dont want to waste the relationship we had he just started to drift of last december.from then things changed…please help.

  3. Ann t c Pates says:

    Mmmm. Yes interesting article. My man of 5 years has become like this too. At the start of our relationship he was very much here with me all the time – as opposed to being at his Mums. Took me out with him to join in with his hobbies. Mind you, he doesn’t bother with his hobbies himself now either. Now, he spends more time staying there and very little time here. Doesn’t bother calling me, lets me down continually knowing that Im sitting here waiting. I’ve not dated anyone else. I’ve been totally faithful to him. He used to take me away on short breaks. Last summer he managed half a day and this summer he has promised to take me out but said it might be for just a morning! I am definately NOT on his priority list. It feels like Im a reprieve for when his Mum nags him too much. I’ve been feeling really let down and was wondering if he was trying to be as distant as possible hoping that I might end things with him, as maybe this is what he wants but doesn’t want to do it himself. I do feel he likes the ‘security’ of having a ‘girlfriend’ though – although I am very much on his back burner!

    • Sharon says:

      What are U getting out of this relationship? Why is he still living at his mother’s home?

      He does not sound like a keeper at all. Not sure what U are expecting to happen? Or why a guy still living with his mother would be of any consideration?

      Maybe sit down & write the pros & cons of your relationship vs. what U want from a relationship with a man. You deserve more than what he is offering.

  4. Sharon says:

    Too often women make the mistake of making the man they meet the focus of their lives almost instantly. I have done this myself. It is so ridiculous a thing to do. He has a life with all that may mean to him. Personally, I don’t want to be introduced to family, friends etc. until he & I have more time together. So, he’s not going to be dropping them for me right off the mark.
    I need to focus on my life, my people, my interests, etc. and carry on. If he cares, he will find time for me & we will work on creating a relationship & spending more time together & meeting each other’s important people.

    The most important thing to remember about a man is: Believe in what he DOES, not what he SAYS. Men will say what they think we want to hear to keep us interested. It’s his actions which count more.

    Gina, I am no expert, but based on your email, he may be just telling U what he thinks U want to hear. His actions & words don’t match according to your email. So, get on with doing what U have been doing & see others & don’t wait for him. Males are hunters, if he wants U, he will find U. And if he wants a committed relationship, his words & actions will be the same.

  5. Sharon says:

    Question: You have just met with an old boyfriend from many years ago. Came across him on Facebook & sent him short email to see what his reaction would be. The meeting was amazing – full of memories for both of you & fun-filled for several hours. You are both married. You hug him goodbye; something you do with all friends. He tilts your chin up & kisses you & catches you off guard. It feels good. Altho you are surprised & don’t push him away, you are conscious of not putting too much into the kiss, letting him lead.

    He then pulls away, says we can’t do this, which you agree with. Then he says, when can I take you to dinner? You respond you will let him know.

    Based on this scenario, what message has he conveyed to you?

    • Taylor says:

      That he is willing to cheat on his wife with you.

      • Sharon says:

        which he denies.

        I think he came onto me. He says no, that what happened is typical for those who have been in physical relationship at one time. However, I have not had that experience with anyone else I ran into after being in relationship.

        I think he is sitting on feelings? anyone agree????

        • aile says:

          Look dont be a foool. my ex bf, was harrassing m e to be in a rel w him, I had to go to my hometown to fix my affairs to be w him, then he screwed his ex after diner w her, then he blew her off!!!
          what a jerk, he could have gone to dinner n not lead her on, but he did,,,,,,,
          then he didnt want me to return to where he was cos he was soooooooooooo busy n i was helping him for 8 yrs so hed get ahead,,,,,
          finally i went down, i had a home there, n he was w me every single night courting me etc,, my bday had just past,,,,,, he ignored it, i dididnt give a hoot past is past, then he asked my fav perfume n got the one the saleslady recommended which was one that made me gag. the night b4 i left, he showed me his true colors, n a week later he sent nasy email that had nothing to do w nothing, my gf was @ my place n said hes cheating,,,,, which my gut already knew
          This woman im being polite here,knew he was w me,knew he was w me, n still pursued,,,,,,,,,,, then i find out they living together. then she doesnt want him to be my friend, hahahaha

          he cheated on her w tons of women, n tried w me n i told him i wasnt going to Lowermyself to Her standards, meaning his as well, he still takes me to dinner, n he a gentleman now, so you see? underestimateion, they can both blow off i bet she cheating too!! cos she doesnt care about his buisiness trips n never goes jahahahahahaha see? im better off. ! they can both drop dead n he never broke our friendship, cheated on her w over 50 women, etc, n im sure she did too or ddoes as well, lololol good riddance,,,,,,,,, !

  6. emt says:

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