Decoding The Mystery Behind Your Ex Boyfriend FaceBook Posts

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Decoding the mystery behind your guy’s FaceBook posts is something we women love to do! Have you ever read or seen something on your guy’s FaceBook profile and tried to decode what that would mean in a relation to you? Yep, I hear you. I get lots of emails from women asking me to decode what this and that means. In today’s article I want to address a question I received recently from a subscriber.

She writes:

Hi Elaine,

I love your newsletters and articles. I thought I would ask you a question that has to do with my ex.

We broke up almost a year ago. Before that we had an off and on relationship for two years. We could never work it out so our relationship just fell apart slowly but surely. We still talk on the phone as friends. I have been dating other guys, which he knows about. To my knowledge he is still single.

I had kicked him out of my FaceBook friends, but recently I got a suggestion to add him as a friend so I sent him a friend request and he approved.

Today I saw his comments in my feed when I logged onto FaceBook and I went on his profile to check them out. I noticed that he had some new pictures posted.

I went to browse his new albums and saw that just about a month ago he added some pictures to his FaceBook. Most of the new pictures were from the countries he recently visited, but one of the pictures was my head shot (that was his favorite picture of me I had sent him when were we still together).

I thought he’d uploaded it by accident when he was uploading other pictures, so out of curiosity I called him to ask about it. He answered the phone and said he had just landed and that he was in South America and would call me when he returns (next week). So, I said, hey just a quick question; are you aware that there is my picture on your FaceBook profile? He said, yeah, I’ll call you when I get home. Then he texted me that he will be back in a week (he travels constantly for work).

So, Elaine, what does it mean when your ex puts your picture up on his FaceBook wall? It looks like it was uploaded on his FaceBook wall and that’s how it got to that album.

My first assumption was that it was an accident but he responded affirmatively when I asked whether he knew that picture was on his profile.

Any thoughts?



Hi Beth,

Here are a few points I want to make:

  1. Your ex still keeps a picture of you, which shows that he thinks of you. He has kept it on his computer for a year after your break up. This shows that he still has tender memories even if the break up was a mutual decision. It can’t be that bad if he keeps a picture of you and knows the location of the image file on his computer.
  2. The fact that he uploaded this picture on his FaceBook is kinda strange. I don’t know what kind of a statement he was trying to make especially since you were not even on his friends list and could not see when he uploaded it. I could understand if it was a picture of both of you, but uploading a head shot of his ex girlfriend on his profile is not something a guy would normally do unless: a. He wants to show off (maybe to his friends or co-workers who have not met you before); b. He just wants to keep it there for himself so that he can look at it from time to time.
  3. It is apparent that the memories of you are pleasant. If they weren’t, he clearly would not have put your picture up there (we usually get rid of bad memories and reminders, and certainly do not reinforce them)
  4. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that he uploaded this picture just recently. This tells me that the anger and the negative feelings that are unavoidable in every relationship break up have subsided and he only has tender memories of you right now.

This would be a good time to reconcile if that is what you want, and the fact that you’ve asked me about what this means suggests that you still care about him as well.

If you want to get him back this is the time. In my book Get Your Man Back System I recommend waiting for at least two months before attempting to get back together. You’ve been broken up for almost a year, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get him back. It seems to me that now is the good time because it wasn’t until now that he demonstrated by uploading your picture that he is over whatever the negativity he felt in the breakup.

It is important that you take the right steps if you want to get back together with your ex. It is best if he is the one contacting you on FaceBook first! To learn step-by-step how to get your man to contact you through FaceBook, Read This Page!

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13 Responses to “Decoding The Mystery Behind Your Ex Boyfriend FaceBook Posts”
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  10. LadyGirl says:


    I really need help on this one. My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago today and I’m finding it so hard… I haven’t spoken to him or seen him and I miss him like crazy. The other night though, I posted this song from (final fantasy viii) a video game he showed me when we were together… the song’s title is actually my name so I decided to post it to facebook cause i was thinking of him. That same night I logged on and noticed he posted a song from the same video game (final fantasy x) as well. His song, however was an orchestra with strings, piano and the whole sha-bang, very climatic. Where mine was just a guy playing the song on a piano. It was still sweet thought. As well, he really made it clear when he broke up with me it was over. I have a few things that are still at his place and he told me to not come around and get them because he would bring them over. He hasn’t brought them over and it’s been making me think and hope that he doesn’t want to let go. Do you have any idea what the song post was or why he hasn’t brought my things back? I’m fighting the urge to call and contact him but I don’t know how much longer I can go. I miss him with everything and I am still so in love with him. I want him and I to be together again. Please help. I’m trying to not hold on to false hope if it is. I’m just thinking since you’re really firm on your decision why haven’t you given me my things…

    • Patricia says:

      If you are having so much stress and anxiety I think you should think about yourself firts and stop this agony. Call him and ask for your things. Perhaps then the relationship is over, but in his terms it is already over and if you do this and he still feels something for you this step of your will make him feel how it feels losing you. Otherwise he can make you wait for years whiles he is deciding what to do. Give him a push and let him know you are not granted and he should not take you for granted. Make him to feel what he felt when you two met firts time! Now you decide but if you want to get him back I think you have to be strong and coldminded to think and plan the way forward. Conquer him as you did at the beggining, and that means with no rush and with no fear. All the best!!

  11. Patricia says:

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  12. AnneMarie says:

    Just be honest and tell him what you think, that is only if you still have feelings for him. There is definitely no need for mind games. I am a firm believer in giving time and space to a relationship. I think it adds clarity to emotions.
    Hopelessly Romantic Always,
    AnneMarie Deeter

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