Don’t Make Him Your Priority If He Does THIS

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This morning I received an email from one of my subscribers.

She writes:

Hi Elaine,

I really like your advice articles and emails and I wanted to ask you a relationship question.

I and my boyfriend have been dating for four months. We have a good relationship overall except he has recently been a bit distant.

Don’t get me wrong; when we are together, everything is going great. But when we are apart he often forgets to call me when he says he will, and he doesn’t seem to want to see me often.

For instance, yesterday I called him twice without an answer. He called me back several hours later. He said he was relaxing at home and not really doing anything. When I asked him if he wanted to come over he sounded hesitant, said he’d have to think about it, and then he said he’d forgotten he was supposed to dog-sit for his neighbor who’d dropped off the dog at his house.

When I asked why he had to be at home to watch the dog he thought about it for a moment, and then said that he was actually also thinking about cleaning his house and working in the yard.

He went on a long explanation about why he had to work in the yard, and that he had to wait till later to do the yard work because he didn’t want to work in the heat.

I said he didn’t have to explain and that if he didn’t want to come over that was fine with me.

He called me again last night to say he was on the way home from a party at a friend’s house. He sounded like he’d had a few drinks. He told me he’d had fun at the party and reconnected with lots of old friends who happened to be there.

Here is my question; clearly, my boyfriend isn’t making me his priority. What should I do?

Thanks a lot for reading this! I look forward to hearing from you!


My response to Jeannette:

Dear Jeannette,

You are right about one thing; your boyfriend isn’t making you his priority.

It’s not a horrible offence to go hang out with the boys. Each person in a relationship should have their own life and separate interests.

What alarms me though is that when you asked to see him he didn’t tell you that he just didn’t feel like it; rather he came up with a number of lame excuses that ranged from dog sitting to cleaning and working in the yard. Really? He didn’t work in the yard and didn’t clean his house up until the moment he talked to you, and decided to do all that only after you asked him to come over? Also, those aren’t the things that can’t wait. Those aren’t time sensitive issues. If it was that important to him, he could have done it sooner. And if he hadn’t, he could do those things and then see you after, but he didn’t. He simply brushed you off without offering an alternative.

However, when an opportunity to do something truly exciting to him came up, he immediately forgot about the dog that desperately needed sitting, the yard work and the house cleaning.

So, if hanging out with you sounded as exciting to him, trust me, he would have dropped everything and came to see you, but he didn’t.

Sounds like you are making him your priority, while he is putting you on the back burner of his priorities.

What should you do?

I am not suggesting that you dump your boyfriend. But you can’t convince a man that he should make you his priority if he doesn’t want to. You can’t talk to him and apply logic that would make him want to take you and your relationship more seriously.

What you can do is to stop making a man your priority when he doesn’t make you his priority, and see how it goes.

Men don’t respond well to words, nagging and convincing. What they respond to is FEELINGS.

A man either feels it, or he doesn’t. When a man feels strongly about a woman, he doesn’t know why he feels this way. He just feels it, and there is nothing he can do to stop feeling a certain way.

Similarly, when a man doesn’t feel a powerful urge to be with you, he cannot change how he feels, but YOU can!

It’s within your power to change how a man FEELS about you!

Once he feels powerful urge to be with you as much as possible, he will drop everything to be with you every moment that he can.

To learn how to make him feel this way Read This Page >>>

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20 Responses to “Don’t Make Him Your Priority If He Does THIS”
  1. barbara says:

    honey I wasted 34 yrs on a man that never put me first-he always put his friends ahead of me and I was always on the back burner-loved him with all my heart and always hoping I WOULD BE FIRST I would advise any woman don’t settle for less and don’t think they will change-not happening-no amount of tears or talking will change them. If you can’t be first-you don’t need them.

  2. elizabeth lovic says:

    Dear Elaine,
    I met Bob on a dating site. We had both been married for 45 years, had lots in common – or so I thought – and he claimed to be very religious. I saw him from December until April of this year. Suddenly came the excuses I have read about – why can’t they just tell you the truth? It didn’t take long before he began mentioning another woman – who by the way he ‘Couldn’t stand’ and complained she was callinhg him all the time, visiting etc. I never did believe him about ‘not standing her’ Well he liked her well enough to let me go, and fly into her arms. Yes. I am ashamed now to admit we were intimate – was he good in bed? A resounding NO!!!
    I realise there is nothing I can do to win him back, in fact she is welcome to him as he mentioned she has money, and his business is in trouble, I was very good to him, paying for many dinners, making him meals for during the week etc – I feel a total fool. I should add that I am 71 and he is almost 69.
    How can I prevent this from happening agais Elaine? I wouldn’t give him a second chance even if I could.
    Stung and hurting,

    • admin says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I am sorry to hear your story, but I am glad you are moving on. At least you now know what kind of a dishonest person he was.

      Take your time to get to know a new man. Don’t jump in with both feet. Get to really know him. Although no one is immune to falling prey to the charms of deceptive dishonest people, taking your time to get to know a man can help avoid a broken heart.

      Take a look at my guide to finding the man of your dreams here ==>

  3. Yulia says:

    I had the same story, I loved a boy for lots of years but something changed very sharply and he started to avoid me, cleaning his bedroom for a day, washing his cat twice a week and etc. I lost him, really. We broke because of my choice, but he wasn`t against. And Elaine is simlpy right when she says u must make a person feel u.

  4. Fabiane says:

    you are right in what you have said. i was only thinking this the other day but i think i will now dig a little deeper

  5. Aila says:

    the shared info is pretty helpful. thanks for sharing

  6. Alfreda says:

    good article; i will share with the many friends i can. thank you for posting

  7. Local Dating Sites says:

    If he’s just not into some responsibilities that two people share living together, it’ll be worse, DUMP HIM!!!

  8. Antonieta says:

    thank you for sharing some knowledge. i really appreciate it

  9. lora says:

    girls, I guess we have to start a new life afterwards. it`s helpfull to remember and crying all time, thinking it over shouldn`t last for ever. Let`s try to find something really cool to wake up from the dirty smelly downfall.

  10. Aicha says:

    great info, thanks!

  11. Jemes hand says:

    this article has changed my life, when i read it and followed it, i was also happy

  12. Amanda says:

    recently came across your article and have been reading along. i want to express my admiration of your writing skill. great to know

  13. Alessandra says:

    great article!

  14. Aracy says:

    really a nice article and great post.

  15. Darlene says:

    i appreciate your thinking, and the way you express your ideas is amazing

  16. Fantine says:

    that’s very interesting, i have shared it with my friends.

  17. Cinira says:

    wow amazing article, it touches me from within!

  18. Two Of Us Dating Service says:

    If a guy wants you, he will make you a priority. It doesn’t matter if he is incredibly busy, he will make time for you. If behavior like this happens for more than a month or so you will have to have a conversation with your man. If he does not come out and tell you how he is feeling then it is probably a good time to end the relationship and find someone who will make you a priority.

  19. Faith says:

    Out of respect for you and your spells I must make this testimony know to all. I’ve been to other spell casters and psychic readers before, but in my opinion you are the best. I just wished I came to you earlier, but hey I got the best for last and that is Dr Stanley. My ex was gone for a year and I went everywhere and other spell casters for help but no result until my friend introduce me to Dr Stanley. After that Love Spell and Break Up Spell was done I finally gotten calls from him out of no where within one week. Him and the other lady broke up and we are going on a vacation together just the 2 of us in a week… Thanks and I love you for helping me.

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