He’ll Realize What He’s Lost and Come Back To You

February 4, 2012 by  
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Have you ever had a guy walk away from you and you didn’t know why? Have you ever wanted back those wonderful moments when you were together and felt so connected?

Now you can!

Don’t give up on a potentially great relationship just because a guy you had a wonderful date with never called again, a man you dated for a few weeks suddenly disappeared or a boyfriend broke up with you!

When he realizes what he’s lost he’ll come back to you begging you to give him another chance, and in this article I am going to reveal the truth how to get a man want you with renewed desire even if for some reason he stopped calling you or wanted a break up!

Here is a story of my client who successfully got the guy she wanted after he stopped calling her:

Rachel met Ben on a dating site.

Their first date was unconventional – she invited Ben to her place for their first date. After exchanging a couple of emails she texted Ben at the number he’d given her asking him to call her.

Ben called a half an hour after she sent him a text. Rachel asked if he was busy to which Ben said it was his day off and he didn’t have any plans.

She invited him to meet her in the parking lot of her complex. Ben showed up a half an hour later.

Rachel was instantly attracted to Ben and invited him to her condo which was being remodeled.

When they went in Ben discovered that Rachel had been working on fixing up the place. After about an hour Ben offered his help and they had a good time talking while working on her place at the same time.

They had a great conversation, they decided that they work well together, they had lots of laugh and Ben convinced Rachel that he was having a good time. They planned on him coming back a day later when he was off again.

Later that same day Ben invited Rachel out to dinner and suggested that they get a takeout and bring it back to her place so that they could continue working on her place.

They went to a nice restaurant and decided to eat in. After dinner they went window shopping and later Rachel decided to go to Ben’s place. Ben said he had roommates at home and asked if they could get a hotel room. He said “I promise next time we’ll go to my place but just not this time. I have to talk to my roommates to see how they feel about me bringing somebody home.” They got a hotel room at an expensive hotel for which Ben paid. Rachel was pleasantly surprised that Ben didn’t cringe at the price of the hotel room even though he doesn’t have a highly paying job.

They had amazing sex and Ben asked if Rachel wanted him to take her home or if she wanted to stay at the hotel. She said she didn’t have a preference and Ben suggested they’d stay.

He woke her up in the morning saying that he had to get going as he had to be at work early. He dropped her off at her place, kissed her on the lips and said he’d call her after work.

He texted her later in the afternoon asking her how her day was and saying he was still tired as he didn’t get enough sleep. She brushed him off saying she was busy running errands and ended the conversation.

That was the last time she heard from him before she contacted me.

The following day he was supposed to have a day off again which was the day he said he’d see her again. But he didn’t call.

She had been subscribing to my emails and contacted me to set up a private coaching session via Skype.

Since that was the first day that she didn’t hear from Ben I suggested that she send a simple text message letting Ben know how much she appreciated his help with her remodeling project. She sent him that text while she was on the Skype session with me. He responded right away saying that it was his pleasure.

We don’t realize how little appreciation and admiration men get in their daily lives. Sending a man a text message in which you tell him how much you appreciate what he’s done for you can work wonders at getting a guy back.

But that wasn’t the end of the battle. Rachel thought that somehow she screwed up because Ben didn’t call her after work as he said he would. On top of that he didn’t call her the day he said he’d come help her except for responding to the text message she initiated with my help.

I needed more information in order to determine what she did wrong. Once you know what you did wrong it is easy to fix it.

We had a long conversation consisting of my questions and Rachel’s answers. The picture became clearer to me and I suggested that the reason Ben wasn’t eager to follow up was the same reason I describe on page 71 of 101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling & What You Must Do About It. In Rachel’s case it was reason No.80 in my book.

I suggested that she adjusts her behavior accordingly but strongly recommended that she wait.

I told her that text she sent to Ben would make him feel good, and that after a while he would contact her again because the last memory of her would be associated with that positive message he received.

Sure enough, three days later Ben texted Rachel and they went out on a real date.

She continued to follow my advice, and I recently got an email from her saying they were still together and things were going very well.

So, if you’ve ever given up on a man who stopped calling, don’t despair! There is a SOLUTION!

Share this article on FaceBook if you liked it, and if you know anyone who’s had a man suddenly disappear without an explanation, whether he was a boyfriend or a guy who stopped calling after a great day, forward this article to them to let them know IT CAN BE FIXED! Don’t lose hope!

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43 Responses to “He’ll Realize What He’s Lost and Come Back To You”
  1. ajoke says:

    Hi, av bin followin ur advise to women and i find it particularly encouraging. I have ano issue. Av bin in a long distance relationship for 4 mnths now, it really exciting but d thing wit him is dat he is very temperamental and weneva he gets angry, he blanks out for days until i chat him up and apologise evev for not doin abytin to him. The last we had now is almost a month and it was bcos i said i do not like a particular msg he sent to me. He called me weird and blanked out again,deleted me off fb and BB. Its almost a month now without hearing from him. I love him much and am goin out of my mind not tryin to buzz him cos i want him to realise how much he needs me. Pls help

    • admin says:

      Dear ajoke,

      This man has anger issues – not a good sign. Can you imagine being in an actual relationship with someone like this? If he already has trouble managing his issues it will only get worse if you move into a full fledged (non-long distance) relationship. Think about that.

  2. Tanya Parkes says:

    My boyfriend and I broke up recently. He said his reason for leaving is because I nag and frustrate him. He said he is going to be with this other woman. Is there any chance for us again?

    • admin says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Sounds like your ex is trying a power trip on you. He says he is going to be with someone else? Why does he feel compelled to tell you about that? The only reason is to make you feel jealous and prompt you to change so that you’ll be what he wants – an easy going woman who doesn’t nag and complain.

    • SARAH says:

      After 5years in a good relationship with GEORGE, Things started going astray. My name is SARAH and I live in united state. I met George when i was 18, we became interested in each other, we loved and care for each other very much. George purposed to me immediately i graduated from college, i was filled with so much happiness and Joy. We started making plans for our wedding. On one faithful day, he called me and said he is calling off the wedding as scheduled. I was so shocked and speechless because we had no fight nor quarrel. Well to summarise the whole story, we broke up and call the wedding off. It was the worst day of my life.

  3. h says:

    Great post!

  4. Nia says:

    I think of him all the time and want him back

  5. carly says:

    hi i was wondering if someone could help me out please about someone i was involved with i miis him terrible

  6. Emma says:

    Hey- I’ve been seeing my beau for about a year- 6 months of it was long distance as he works out of town for 1/2 the year. We have been aquainted for several years but have had a “fwb” relationship the last year. We’ve met each others family, children and spend quite a bit of time together when he’s in town. Here is my delimma- when things initially got physical- I told him “no strings” I have sense developed strings- how could I not fall for such an amazing man? Here’s the thing he’s anti commitment. Has a fear of it. He’s said on numerous occasions that when he really starts to fall all hell breaks loose- he equates marriage with homelessness- as all of his friends who have married are now divorced and have lost their homes- I understand some of his fears- as I was once married and walked away from everything- now I have my own home and don’t want to squander it all for a relationship that’s going to fail eventually. So how do I overcome personal fears and erase negitive feelings I have toward commitment and ease his worries of relationships falling apart?

  7. michelle says:

    So I can still get my man back even if we have had no contact for 6 months?? If so how??

    • admin says:


      Can you get your man back if you haven’t been in contact for six months? It may be possible, but I can’t tell you from just one sentence. I’ve had a client who was in a seven year marriage who got her husband back after six months of no contact. I’ve had another client who was in a two year relationship and got her man back after almost nine months of no contact. Another client of mine got a man back after four months of dating and six months of no contact immediately following the break up. I can give you plenty of examples of my clients who did get their men back after an extended period of no contact. Will this guarantee that YOU will get your man back? I need more information than that to even tell you if there is a possibility. Have you two been married? If so, has either one of you filed for divorce? Why did you break up? Did he cheat on you? Did you cheat on him? How long did your relationship last? If you went out on two dates and have’t heard from him in six months, it is unlikely that you can get him back. On the other hand, if you were in a long term relationship it is more likely that you may have a chance at getting him back. But then again, if you were married for twenty years and your relationship ran its course because during the course of your marriage both of you changed significantly and didn’t even sleep in the same bed for the past three years of your relationship, it is less likely that you will get back together. There are so many variables that I can’t even begin to tell you! The best option for you would be to check out this page and to see if any of the scenarious given fits your situation.

  8. carly says:

    hi i was involved with someone for 2half years i could tell at first he had his barriours up as he seemed 2 be cold and stern it was only casual then he started opening up to me about personal stuff thing is i gave him a bit to much space he first went for 6weeks sayin he was out of town then for 3 weeks then i heard he was seein someone i sent him a txt to let him know i knew he didnt contact for 3 months then we started meetin again he told me he dashed her for me dont think i belive him then my son came back home so i started stayin over at his place till he moved back into his mums he told me to tell my son about him so he could come mine i did he wernt pleased but my 17year old has never knew of me involved with anyone he came over once didnt feel comfortable and i didnt then again but he stormed out said i was 2 sarcastic because i asked him doesnt he want to be here and he said arent 2people meant to conversate dont have a clue what he meant that was in september i even txt said i was sorry like i was in the wrong he was ok but said he was never coming to mine again for me to speak to him like a d head sory about the essay xxxx

  9. T. Leigh says:

    I have been married 18 years and my husband moved out a year ago after he had an affair a year before that made me have a hard time trusting him again. He said he loved & cared about me but wasn’t in love with me any more and that I acted like his mother too much asking who he was texting and complaining about him going out late or spending too much money. We have 4 kids together and we texted & talked daily and also continued having sex from time to time. He did start seeing another co worker he had been talking to through text and on the phone for a few months before he moved out however he is no longer seeing her. ( it was a hidden relationship since she was also married and we were still I thought working on things) well he filed for divorce but since neither of us acted on it they threw it out. About 3 months ago he started seeing the woman he had cheated on me with 3 years ago and stopped talking to me besides here and there or about the kids. I didn’t know for sure he was seeing her but suspected it. About 3 weeks ago they broke up because he wasn’t giving her enough attention and we weren’t trying to make the divorce happen so he got a lawyer and we are tried to get the judge to allow us to finish the divorce again. They did break up for good but did text her this weekend to see how she was and she told him not to contact her again. ( she is also going through her 4th divorce second since they had the affair) he had me come over and he told me everything about what they did sexually and things he bought her or did for her some he never did for me though I always wished he had. They even got matching tattoo’s. He does have my name tattoed on his chest though. He has been really nice and caring towards me like he used to be and again we had sex but he only texts me here and there and we don’t hang out or anything. He said that her and him Would have never worked out and that he did tell her he loved her more than he loved any one and this was after only seeing each other for a few months. He claims he said it to make her feel better because she always worried about how he felt about me etc. But that he didn’t mean it. I really want to make our marriage and family work but I don’t know if he loves me or if he is really over me and I need to move on? He told me he knows if he showed up at our house I would take him back and I said I love him but he couldn’t just move back in until we fix things but he said if the kids begged I would let him. I said that isn’t fair. I don’t know I he is just testing me to see if I will let him just to make him feel good but doesn’t want to or if he wants to move back but doesn’t want it to be his idea afraid of rejection. I’m lost on everything. Does he have no feelings for me or love me and I am Reading too much into things he does or if he really is over me and wants us to both move on since he doesn’t love me but is trying to actually be nice about it? Then why sleep with me when he has other offers from girls and why always text me and ask whom I am with or if I am seeing some one if he doesn’t care anymore? Please help me! I have seen him through two deployments and love him deeply and our family. Thanks

    • Cher says:

      T. Leigh,
      You need to figure out what you want in your life. You are focusing all of your attention on your husband/ex husband to decide your life ???? What the heck. He is having an open relationship with you, and you are obviously okay with it. So what’s there to complain about unless that is something you don’t want and you should just CLOSE THE SEX SHOP for him. Start dating other people and have fun, get the paperwork in order and get divorced or keep having an open relationship with him. Stop waiting for him to change, this is who he is.

  10. T. Leigh says:

    BTW I learned to stop the nagging and have found myself again and he has said he wish I would have been this person when we were still together and he likes this new me and thinks I look hotter than ever but that it sucks it happens now not then. =(

  11. jamie says:

    I have been acquainting with a quy I ment online since December. We have never met in person but exchange lengthly emails about what our feelings are. This is sort of a long distant relation because he work overseas. He had initially plan to arrange our first date overseas, after accepting his invitation all went cold. He constantly apologise that he very much want our relationship to be initmate and lasting because he does not fall for women easily he is very picky but I have him totally flattered and he admire me I will always be in his heart, nothing change its just his job causing to paying lss attention to me. He rearly respond to my emails saying that hi job is stressful and does not give him much time to develope a stable relationship he said he took great pleasures reading them he cant wait to open his mail box. Should I take this guy words for it that is is busy or this is just a tactful way of avoiding me? Any input?

  12. patricia says:

    Can you tell me why men just stop calling or texting after dating you for several months? Not only is it hurtful, and confusing, but when they then ignore your call or texts its downright rude and discourteous , they would not treat anyone else they know like this, but someone they have been close and intimate with its astounding!!! Why cant they just be open and honest and say they no longer wish to continue instead of dropping off the face of the earth leaving you reeling never knowing why or what happened for him to behave this way..

    • Cher says:

      Why are you focusing all of your attention on what the guy is doing or not doing. He is a jerk and now you know. Keep dating and do all the things you love in life and just let him go, be thankful you found out about him sooner, than later after you were married. The guy was just using you, and you should be dating more than one person too to keep all the attention off of the men in your life and onto yourself. Figure out what you want in life and put all of your energy into that and dates lots of guys/men. When a man/guy gives you an engagement ring and some future plans of what you want, then you are in a committed relationship, until then keep dating and have fun. Lots of men/guys date multiple people and you should too ! He just wasn’t that into you, no big deal. He’s just a immature jerk who can’t be honest to others, why would you want a guy that that in your life. Are you crazy ???? Happy dating 🙂

  13. Sunshine38 says:

    hi, i am in relationship with this guy for almost 9 months now, we met online and we started as friends til we met personally… we are both working overseas and yet het chance to come over to be with me for four times… we really had a great time together, we never had any issues to be on arguments, its just our time chatting is the best part of our days. Only then when he comes back from US he stayed with me for 2 days and telling that he did regret to spend his holiday at home coz its not worth , he did spend lots of money for not worthy expenses… and he even told me that he will never go home unless his mom dies, i stopped hom saying those, i can see that he got lots of frustrations abd disappointments even on his family. He is divorced and no kid, so only his mom is his concern. There is an abrupt change in our relationship when i got a message from his ex, and hecwas furious about it…I asked him why he didt fix any issues about her when he was on US, he just told me that his ex keeps putting him off whenever he confronted her , coz this lady is looking after his mom… I was just surprised that when he left from here for his work destination, that he has to give up on me and that was the condition of his ex otherwise she will leave his mom… I cant believe he will do it so abruptly in just a matter of 36 hours since we separate our ways… Im too confused now , how will i know if he will be back for me?Do i have to wait or let him ho? we dont have communication for a month now. and everynight i have been dreaming of him.Please advise, thanks…

    • Cher says:

      Focus all of your attention on yourself. Do the things you love and stop committing to a guy that has not made any commitment to you. Unless you have an engagement ring on your finger and some concrete plans for your future — what does this person willing to give you in your future life with him — what are his plans (5 yrs, 10 yrs ???_). You should be dating several men/guys at a time and enjoy yourself. You’re single, keep dating. If he’s the one, he’ll make all your dreams come true, if not, he’ll disappear away and see someone else. Just start dating, if he asks you why he hasn’t heard from you in a while, just say i’m enjoying my life and having a good time dating 🙂

      Cheers to happy dating 🙂

      PS: You are a smart, intelligent, sexy lady and deserve to be treated like the princess you are — stop taking crumbs.

  14. Blessing says:

    I have been in a relationship with this guy for a year now. Recently he changed and wwe don’t see each other the way he used to. He would post silly statuses on facebook and bbm and they just disturb me. We met each other’s families recently and they both love us. I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him but we are also fighting a lot and I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I feel as if he wants space.

    • Cher says:

      Stop pressuring your boyfriend, you’re just dating. He’s not ready for a committed relationship with you (at least right now he is unsure). Focus all of your attention on yourself and do all the things you love to do in life. Date lots of guys/men and enjoy yourself until one of them gives you a commitment in life, for your future i.e. an engagement ring and some plans for your future life i.e. next 5 yrs, 10 yrs. Stop taking crumbs from the guy and get busy dating. Don’t call him at all. Don’t argue with him, just let him be. Have fun!!!! If he’s the right guy for you, he’ll give you everything you want in life, until then happy dating.

  15. Elly says:

    My beloved stephen,I love you very much and we are the sweet and loving couple in the Univers.God blessed us.
    I love you very much.
    Have a blessing day.

  16. Lisa says:

    I so I’ve bee with my boyfriend for almost a year, we work together and spend ALOT of time together! We get on so well.. And conversation never runs dry! He’s funny and I enjoy his company. Obviously spending this amount of time with someone comes with knowing every single one of. Each others flaws, so now and again we are bound to get on each others nerves. I’ve known him for 11 years but only as an acquaintance he was also my first crush them 11 years ago.. So you’d think it should be a lovely happy ending. and a dream of a story to tell people !

    But one thing that really grinds on my gears is the fact that he’s a DREAMER. One week he wants to move to one country the next thing he wants to go somewhere else.. These are not consistent ambitions, as he never follows through. If they were I would be encouraging. But the trend is that I’m never involved in this future dreaming and well he is a massive commitment fobe and well… The thought of marriage and children even scares me right now.. Why can’t a man understand that a relationship can just mean loving each other and enjoying each others company. Living for now and if that progresses Into something deeper then amazing!!! I do a lot for him I cook for him do his washing and run around after him like his pet ( as embarrassed as I am to say) but its genuinely because that’s me I’ve grown up with just my dad so things like that are normal for me, but does it come across as ‘needy’ or nagging?? To be frank I don’t care.. I’m not willing to change! I’ve taken a step back and have looked at the situation in a strangers point of view.. A few days of breathing space.. And weighed up my pros and cons and they pretty much match!! But can friendship and the fact Im attracted to him.. Over rule the fact im un appreciated and not considered in any sort of future plans with this guy! Someone advise me please?!!!

  17. Rose says:

    Hi. Sorry this is a little long. 

    So I’ve known this guy for about 10 years already. We started off as friends with benefits for 3 years and I was in love with him. Of course he didn’t like me as much as I did cause he was only having fun. We went our separate ways after the 3 years and didn’t speak to eachother for 4 years. One day after 4 years later he found me on facebook to see how I was doing. We started talking and he apologized for hurting my feelings and for not taking me seriously since we were both young and stupid. He realized what he did was stupid and wanted to make things right. So we actually got into a relationship. He was wonderful! I didn’t have to worry about a thing with him because he really showed a lot of love and cared about me this time. the problem was that it lasted 2 months because I think I was the one who messed it up. One of my ex’s who became just a friend to me asked to hang out with me one day. As the stupid naive girl I was, I agreed thinking it was just a friendly hang out day. And since the guy I was dating couldn’t see me that day, I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I also let him know that I would hang out with this “friend” who he also knew as well. He seemed like he was okay with it and didn’t look jealous at all. Then he asked me “if I told u not to see him, would u still go?” and stupid me, I said “i don’t know.” that was when we broke up. He didn’t directly break up with me in anger, but when I came back home that night, we talked on the phone and he told me that I deserve someone better and that he has a criteria of a type of girl that he wants and I don’t fit for it. Of course I was confused because if he had a criteria all this time, why bother date me in the first place especially when you already knew me!? (continued)…

    • Rose says:

      (part 2) Anyway we broke up but i still had a feeling that his real reason for leaving me was because he was jealous and upset with the answer that i gave him about hanging out with the friend, but had too much ego to admit it. So I texted him a couple days after and apologized for hanging out with the guy and said I understand. We didn’t contact eachother for another 3 months until we got in contact again and became just friends. He was talking to another girl and a few months later I started dating another guy but we were close friends talking about it with each other, even though I was still jealous. We were close like this for another 3 years until one of his close friends wanted to talk to me. I heard from one of my friends that he got really jealous but didn’t want to show it so instead he pushed me to date his friend (confusing I know). He said so many good things about him and told me that I should give him a chance. I thought that he didn’t care about me anymore so I didn’t think it mattered and accepted his friend’s asking me out, by his words. I ended up being in a 6 month relationship with his friend but I was very abused by him, physically, mentally and emotionally. His friend was a controlling and psychotic person who abused me in every way and when the guy (that I loved) came to know this, he was very upset. (continued)…

      • Rose says:

         (part 3) I eventually had the courage to finally leave him and after the relationship was over, the guy I loved started to spend more time with me like he never did before. I guess he felt bad and also realized how special I was when he saw how obsessive and attached his friend was towards me. He started to take me out to lunch and coffee, offer me rides home when I didn’t have a ride, take trips at my university just to see me, stay on the phone with me for hours after hours, and all of this was done in secret behind his psycho friend’s back. He even called me drunk on new years eve night when we were arguing about something begging me that he’ll give up his life for me. (he doesn’t drink on a regular basis, just on special occasions but he wanted to stop for good because of me). One day the psycho friend got a hold of the guy’s phone that I like and realized how close we’ve gotten and how much we’ve been talking and he started to create a huge mess between us. After that, the guy I like had distanced from me not calling me as much and not meeting up with me anymore. This had been happening for several months where he was be very distant with me and not talking to me the same way.  So one day I couldn’t take the stress anymore and texted him telling him how I still felt about him in hopes that he would finally tell me after all these years how he feels. Unfortunately, he rejected me and said that he only sees me as a friend and that he doesn’t date his friend’s ex girls. It confused the hell out of me because couple of months before he showed me every sign that he was interested in me. I took the rejection very well and thanked him for telling me the truth and was ok with it. I reacted in a way that he didn’t expect me to react because it seemed to him that I didn’t really care and I’m moving on already. And he kinda flipped out and freaked out. 

        • Rose says:

          (Part 4) Our friendship became very unstable after that. We would talk sometimes like nothing happened and I would act like I’m not interested in him anymore, and then he would just spaz out on me other times, without giving me a reason. I asked him one day but he stayed shut and then told me that he doesn’t know and doesn’t have an answer to why he’s behaving that way. One thing he kept saying was that I was an f*cked up person and that I was evil. It came to a point where he started saying mean and hurtful things to me and I felt that he was really stressed out by the way he was responding to me and my questions asking him what I did to him. Ever since then, we didn’t contact each other. Its been 3 months and I’m still in confusion. He was never like this to me or anyone. He was the type of person to be the bigger and more mature person. So I know that it’s definitely not his personality to be this way. Was he hurt that I told him I liked him one minute, and then acted like I didn’t give a damn about him the bevy minute? I didn’t mean to play around with him. I was just trying to be the bigger person and handle the rejection well since it hurt me. Also does it seem like he may have been stressed out because of his psycho friend creating drama between us? And is there a chance that he will realize how bad he hurt me and contact me one day?? (END)

          • Cher says:

            I’ve been down that road a couple of times. Your love interested has a personality disorder of some type it sounds like. Look up NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) or BPD (borderline personality disorder) … inotherwards, he is disconnected from himself. Your relationship will always be messed up as he is unable to have a healthy relationshiop such as what you are looking for. Blessings to you 🙂

          • Cher says:

            Rose, Focus all of your attention on yourself. Always put yourself first in all your relationships with people, especially the “men” in your life. By keeping busy and doing what is most important to you. Figure out what you want in your life and stay the course. Those that love you will meet all of your needs in life, those that do not will disappear. Happy trails 🙂

  18. anna says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years serious and prior to that we were seeing each other on and off but not serious for 10 + years. He’s 34 and I’m 28. He is pretty much all I know and we have seen each other pretty much everyday since the day we met. Our families don’t agree with our relationship but I really don’t care because I know eventually they will have to deal with it if we do end up together. All families have problems and disagreements.

    For the last few months almost every month he has told me he needs space or doesn’t want to continue our relationship. This usually last a few days and everything goes back to normal and he is lovey dovey, sweet, caring etc. When I ask why he says he is unhappy in life, wants to find himself and be single. He also goes on to say he is getting older and wants to start a family and doesn’t want me to deal with the drama of the families. He said wants to live life with no drama. He claims it has nothing to do with anyone else or seeing anyone else. But wants to know what its life to be single in his adult life.

    In the last year he has taken on a lot responsibilities and is always exhausted, overwhelmed etc. he hardly sleeps and is always tired and I’ve noticed him age a lot. Last September we went thru a similar situation he said the same things but we didn’t see each other for 2 months, only reason why ended up seeing each other I think was because we had a wedding to attend in late October and then in November he had booked a trip for the 2 of us. So we did these things and everything went back to normal. Over the last few months he brings up the same topic again and again but last week he said “I cant do this anymore I tried and still feel unhappy. I love you, I will always love you, but I’m unhappy and getting older and don’t know what to do. He always says we can be friends and I can’t picture life without me. But he wants space and doesn’t want to do this. He said he missed me like crazy and feels empty when I’m not around but he wants to find himself. I don’t get how someone can be so lovely and so sweet then goes back into this need space mood.. if your not happy with yourself how can you be happy with anything or anyone. He says he love me and is attractive to me but he feels empty. I know his age has been getting to him the last 2 years but I don’t know what to do. He also told me he wanted to have a baby with me and marry me but he hates the family drama and he couldn’t trust any other female in life because he sees what his friends go through but he doesn’t know what to do. I’m so hurt and devastated.

    This all started July 25 and for the first 2 weeks I tried everything to talk and see him but he didn’t go for it. He ignored me after week 1 so I sort of gave up. This wednesday will be 2 weeks that I have not called or text him. Its will be 4 weeks broken up I guess. I miss him so much and I am trying my best to stay busy and not call. His bday is in a few days and I don’t think I should text, email or call. We were everything to each other but I did realize how he tried to distance himself from me but then he would come back and be the way I knew him to be.

    What does one do?

  19. maryann says:

    Am Maryann Apollo i want to give testimony of how Dr.Emmauel brought back my divorce husband back to me,were married for 9 years then we break up, due to the fact that he never love me again.
    i have many felling for this my ex because we have gotten 2 kids together and i will want us to come back again. but all way i tried for us to come back all went in vain. i was confused and sad because i needed him back into my life, so i decided to contact Dr.Emmauel,i never believe in spell casting i just decide to make an effort and see if something can come out of it. i contacted them and they told me that they needed to cast return back of love to him, they did the spell and after 2 days my ex called that he still love me and wanted us to be together again,what surprise me most was that he was married to another woman, and after the spell casting he divorce the woman for me that same week. it was the spell i cast on him that brought him back again. we later got married again and now the kids are happy that their father is back to their mother again, i really thank this Dr Dr.Emmauel for bringing back my ex husband to me. i want you act there who want back their EX LOVERS to contact Dr Emmauel for his return, do not lose hope you can make this great step as i did then your ex husband will come back to you.

  20. Wendy says:

    My wife and I have been married for four years. We started having problems since two months ago and last three weeks she came to me and told me she want divorce letter. It completely broke my heart and I totally broke down. I have been praying and asking God to give me the strength to be a husband that I need to be and for any help to come on how to make my marriage move forward. I never talked to anyone i was searching for some help online.

  21. Amy says:

    My long-distance love just dumped me without explanation and has been extremely hostile and won’t return calls, texts, or emails. In the last hostile email I got from him, he lashed out at me and it became clear to me that I apparently insulted him in our last texting conversation, and he misinterpreted the meaning to what I was saying, and thinks I called him stupid. How do I handle this? I’ve apologized until I am blue in the face, but I love him so much.

  22. Shaye says:


    me and my bf have a great relationship he was very open… he traveled wherever I go with me and we just recently moved in together. And I was being too emotional towards things.. so he’s now feeling like enough and taking time off..

    Having said that, we still txt everyday. He surprised me with dinner.. bought me dinner/breakfast. We still hug and kiss sometimes but most times I asked first. it has just been week of these.. but I really confuse coz it’s so new to me.

    I don’t know what I should actually do.
    Should I keep insist him.. telling him I love him? I’m not asking him to come back and stuff cause it’s create fight. But I cannot wait for him to come back and tell me he miss and love me as well.

  23. Betty says:

    my mouth is filled with laughter because of the help Dr.Okaka place on me my ex boyfriend just come back to me after dumping me for my close friend,his spell opened his eyes to see how much i loved him,thanks for your spell that you did for me. Betty

  24. sonia says:

    I live in united state, Two years ago i married a lady called saline, we had two children together, we were very happy to be husband and wife, so when i travel on business trip to Brazil, i spent 1 years in Brazil due to my kind of business, i and my wife talked on phone all the time, we chat on the Internet, i never knew that my wife had started cheating on me by going out with her old school friend called mark, i never knew something was going wrong till i came back from my trip, then i and My wife started having problems, she goes out and come back late at night, she changed in a strange way that i could not endure, i tried to do everything to please her but it got worst, so one day she left the house and never came back, i tried reaching her but no way i could reach her, i never knew she traveled with her new lover which was mark, i wanted her so much because of the children she left for me and because i loved her so much too, because of the heart break she put me into.

  25. georgina says:

    hi can someone help me pls am 32 steven 25 i me him last week he was ringin txtin non stop and tuesday slept with him not fully as i said i wont o wait its to soon he has x me back when iv txt him saying hes sick in bed so confused as he was realy interested am just thinkin would he txt back if thas all he wanted x

    • georgina says:

      sorry he has txt me back afer iv txt him he was meant to come saturday but couldnt and was full of apoligisies par ells me he just chased me for sex but if he calls that sex defo not for me lol all jokes aside am quite hurt

  26. Paula says:

    After several relationships with unhappy endings – a year ago I started dating the most wonderful man. We knew each other vaguely through work but suddenly our paths crossed and we fell in love.
    This man was the most compatible of anyone. I have never ever felt so happy in a relationship.
    I am not saying it was easy – we both work crazy jobs, he is raising 2 teenage girls and we live 2 hours apart.
    I had got on very well with his girls but did wish we could have some time alone together- we were always with them. Then one of the girls became quite resentful of me- I let it ride knowing teenage angst was there! After 2 months I had to say something – I said it to him not her. I also said I would really appreciate one weekend a month where perhaps we could spend some time alone.
    Unfortunately it all went pear shaped – he said he could not compromise his daughters come first. I respect that and I also know he did put effort into us too.

    We had talked about moving in together ( in the middle) and were looking at places. He had made it clear that I was his one, his true love …. And I felt the same. Many people that knew us thought we were the done deal!!!

    But now he has gone. He claims he has moved forward and is getting on with life.

    I miss him so much although I am trying to move on myself. I think I have lost my true love.

  27. STEPHANIE says:

    Hello everybody.

    Am STEPHANIE from FLORIDA i want to share my life experience to every body on this site. i was in a serious relationship with mike i love him so much we have dated for almost 6 years now. until he meant another girl called charity he told me that he is know longer interested in dating me any more. i was so confuse i don’t know what to do

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