How to Attract a Guy Components of Sexual Attraction

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It is widely understood that men think about sex a lot. There are multiple studies dedicated to finding out exactly how frequently men think about sex with numbers ranging from multiple times an hour to multiple times a minute. What is less widely understood is what makes a particular man sexually attracted to a particular woman.

Popular magazines would have you believe that sexual attraction is almost entirely about a person’s looks. You can’t turn a page without finding out 7 steps to sexy hair, 10 sexy makeup tips, 15 exercises for sexy abs, and so on. The truth is that while looks certainly come into play, sexual attraction is about more than just looks. How you carry yourself, your body language, communication style, even your scent all play powerful roles in determining your sexual attractiveness.

So how do you tell what your particular guy finds sexually attractive and is it totally subjective and unique to each man? Although each man has his own personal preferences, there are common factors considered by most men to be sexually attractive. The way to figure out what combination of factors is the way to attract your particular man is to really observe him and the signs he is giving you, both obvious and less obvious.

Observe his reactions to everyday occurrence to figure out if he is more ruled by his sense of smell, vision, hearing, or touch. When you speak, does he hang on your words? Is there a tone you use that turns him off or turns him on? A sure sign that you are attracted to him is if your tone and pace of speech matches his. Or does he seem especially sensitive to smell? If you wear a different perfume or use a different body lotion does he mention it or move closer to you while you’re wearing it? Pay attention to the clues that he gives you on a daily basis to figure out what turns him on and what turns him off.

While you’re in the process of observing his reactions, it is critical to know what factors most men typically weigh in determining a woman’s sexual attractiveness. Based on my personal dating experience, discussions with my girlfriends, and extensive research of studies and surveys on the topic, I think there are two areas that women do not pay enough attention to when trying to boost their sexual attractiveness to a perspective guy: body language and sexual confidence.

First, in talking about body language I mean both the nonverbal cues he give you and the things you are unconsciously saying to him with how you carry yourself. Of course the words we say to each other in our daily communications are important but what is often more important are the things we are saying with our body language. To make sure that your body language is matching your intention to make this guy want you, adopt a relaxed posture. Don’t be overly stiff or tense. Keep yourself open, arms uncrossed, hips loose, back and shoulders relaxed, and look him directly in the eyes. Don’t fidget excessively or nervously flit around. If you are sitting next to him, cross your legs toward him and not away from him. Most importantly, smile. A smile lets a guy know that you’re interested in him. The absence of a smile suggests that you are closed off and unapproachable.

What does his body language say to you? Watch the things you say and do that make him move closer toward you or further away. Is he looking at you or looking around him, trying to catch the eye of another woman or just not focused on you? If he does reach out to touch you, when does he do that? One of the best signs you can get that he is sexually attracted to you is if he touches your arm or hand when you’re talking or better yet, places his hand on the small of your back to lead you into a room.

In addition to body language, boosting how sexually confident you seem will almost certainly increase your sexual appeal to your intended. Sexual confidence doesn’t mean sleeping with as many men as you can or sleeping with a man the first moment you meet him. It simply means being open with your sexuality and not fearful of it. Try to be more relaxed about sex instead of treating it like something you are nervous about or looking to avoid. The goal is to achieve a combination of letting him know that you find him sexually attractive while drawing out the expectation to add to the pleasure.

And although sexual attraction is about more than just looks, it is critical to pay attention to your physical appearance. Your physical appearance is another nonverbal clue to him of if you find him sexually attractive. If a man sees that you are taking particular care to look your best when you are with him without being overly fussy or high-maintenance, that lets him know you are into him. This doesn’t mean you have to dress in an overly provocative manner or overdress for an occasion. Just spend some time and attention on your whole appearance while keeping it appropriate to the setting where you will be seeing him: outfit, makeup, hair, scent, and overall personal grooming.

If you pay attention to the factors that turn your guy on and off and carry yourself as a secure, confident, and attractive woman comfortable in her own skin, you’ll do wonders in boosting your sexual attractiveness in a way that ensures he’ll be interested in you and for far more than just a one night stand.

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2 Responses to “How to Attract a Guy Components of Sexual Attraction”
  1. Beauty Tip Blog says:

    I totally agree darling! 🙂 <3

  2. Ryan says:

    Based on an article that I’ve read, women tend to think a lot more about sex compared to men. They even conducted a survey just to prove this.

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