How to Create an Emotional Attraction With Your Man

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We’ve all seen the commercials for those dating services that promise helping find someone who we are emotionally attracted to and have that relationship that is destined to last. The trouble is those commercials never really explain what they mean by emotional attraction and what makes a man emotionally attracted to a woman? Is emotional attraction as important as physical attraction? What exactly are the components to emotional attraction?

There’s no denying that there has to be some type of physical attraction for a relationship to develop. There needs to be some sort of spark or chemistry. You have to be excited to see him and he needs to feel the same way about you. For a relationship to last, however, and not be a short-term affair, your relationship much be based on emotional attraction.

Sounds difficult, right? Or at the very least a little mysterious and tough to figure out? But in truth, the answer is much simpler than you would think. Emotional attraction is based on shared interests, acceptance, respect, trust, and living in the moment.

First, shared interests. It’s not that you both have to like the exact same things, have the same hobbies, and spend every waking moment together. But you must have some shared interests in common. Don’t be closed off to the things that make him happy. Try them on for size and you may find an activity that you never knew you were interested in. At the very least, you will make him very happy for loving everything about him and wanting to spend more time with him doing the things that he loves to do. Don’t try to make him change all of his habits to match your own. Be willing to explore new adventures and interests with him.

Next, there needs to be acceptance for a relationship to be successful. Accepting him means that you love him for who he is and you don’t try to change him. One of the worst things that you can do to kill a relationship before it really has a chance to thrive is to be overly judgmental of your boyfriend. If he senses that you don’t approve of his career, think that his job or lifestyle isn’t good enough for you, or you try to change the things that make him who he is, those actions will derail your relationship.

Part of accepting him means that you need to support him and his decisions. He needs to know that he has your respect. The best way to do this is to actively show him. Be sure to tell him how proud you are of him, support him in his goals and dreams, and don’t be the one to throw cold water on his hopes. He needs to know that you are his number one fan and that you love him for all the things he is and aren’t focused on what some may see as his negative traits.

Without trust, there can be no real and lasting relationship. He needs to know that you trust him fully. This means that you trust him to be faithful to you and your relationship. Jealousy is one of the traits that will turn a guy off almost immediately. It is one thing to be wary of a woman who seems overly interested in your boyfriend. It is another to show your boyfriend by your actions and your words that you do not trust him to be true to you in the face of such temptation.

You also need to trust his decisions. You should never make him think that you are second guessing his choices. When he has confidence in your faith in him, he will open up more to you than you ever thought possible. He won’t feel as free to be frank with you if he thinks you always doubt his abilities to make good decisions.

Finally, one of the things that you can do that will increase your chances of creating a lasting emotional attraction is to live in the moment. Men are turned off by women who are always thinking, “what’s next?” You know, the women who are already planning their wedding receptions by the end of the first date. It’s not just the men who have a fear of commitment who run from these wedding planners. Men want women who are really there in the present moment, enjoying what life has to offer and not concerned with how things will end up a year from now.

Try to stay in the moment when you’re with your boyfriend. Enjoy and cherish the time that you share together. Don’t rush ahead or worry constantly about where your relationship is going. If you spend all your time anxious about the state of your relationship, you will unintentionally drive him to think you are overly fixated on marriage or that you are too clingy and needy. Rather, if you can stay in the moment without thinking so far ahead, you’ll find that his attraction for you will grow.

You’ll also find that you enjoy your relationship more and that you aren’t agonizing over what you don’t have but appreciating what you do. Oftentimes, when your boyfriend sees that you’re not thinking 20 steps down the road that is when he will actually be the one to start looking ahead to the next stage in your relationship. This way he won’t feel that he’s being trapped into something but rather that your relationship is progressing naturally and that the next step isn’t scary at all. In fact, he’ll be as willing to take that next step as you are.

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