How To Find Your Soul Mate – Tell Tale Sings You Have Met Your Soul Mate

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How To Find Your Soul Mate – Tell Tale Sings You Have Met Your Soul Mate

Recently someone posted a question on my relationship forum asking, how do you know when you meet your soul mate? And I wanted to write an article on some tell tale signs to know you’ve found your true soul mate. Sometimes we tend to bump into someone who could potentially turn out to be our soulmate only to pass them by and never take a second look. This article will help you find your soul mate by giving you some hints you can look for to know if you have found and met your potential soul mate.

Generally, a definition of a soul mate is someone we are meant to be with. Therefore you can’t know exactly on the first date that the person sitting across the table from you is your soul mate. But here are some that will let you know you have met someone compatible with you.

The person shares similar interests and values.

This is very important because if you want to find a partner for a long term relationship or marriage, similarities are the foundation of a budding relationship. Too many times couples start a relationship based solely on physical attraction. As a result, when infatuation wears off, conflicts begin to snowball. A relationship in which the two partners are substantially different in the kind of life style they prefer, cultural values and upbringing have a lot tougher time sustaining a long term relationship.

You are interested in each other instead of being interested in themselves.

We all love talking about themselves. But if the person really likes you, he will want to know more about you instead of talking up a storm about how great of a person he is. Take this clue – if he keeps talking about himself without shutting up, he may either be a narcissist so in love with himself that he can’t love anybody else, or he is simply killing time and is not really interested in you.

Thirdly, a soul mate is someone we share a deep emotional connection with. You won’t know how much of a connection you have with the guy you’ve just met, but you can gather the first clues whether a connection has a potential to develop from the very first date. This free report which you can request INSTANTLY by e-mail by putting your email address in the form below will teach you 10 things you must do to develop deep emotional connection with the person you want to attract!

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8 Responses to “How To Find Your Soul Mate – Tell Tale Sings You Have Met Your Soul Mate”
  1. Pat says:

    The 5 signs work for me! I definitely have my soul mate. We’re happy together, we’re there for each other through thick and thin, like each other’s company but also need our space. We’d be the perfect couple —but we do bicker, even though we should know better. Any advice?

  2. admin says:

    Having one’s own space is important. A relationship is not all about being inseparable 24/7. Having own interests and separate time strengthens a healthy relationship. As far as arguing, couples do argue; a relationship without any arguments ever is a strange one; makes me question whether the two people in a relationship actually care; I have found that in relationships in which the couple never has any arguments it is only because the two people are entirely complacent and don’t give a damn any more. I hope this answers your question.


  3. Pat says:

    Well, we sure aren’t complacent!

  4. mazet says:

    i thnk soulsmate is the person who knw u better,the person who grow wth u in a same place bcos i have expirience with that

  5. jovial julz says:

    yea all the three points are correct but i also think that you need a person who understands u and the same with u,a person who will not only like you but also love u for who u are, yea its true that you need someone whom you share similar interest and all that but i also believe you, need someone who has something that you don’t have to complete you. an example if you are a serious guy you need a funny woman to complete you.

  6. Nia says:

    I have found my soul mate
    We share a deep connection
    But I think our problem is that he is wasted by the others that he pampers so much others are valued more with him what others feel what others think what others want so naturally the others tell him what I want
    The height of my scare frankesteine is he believes what others tell him that I want is actually what they want it has nothing to do with me at all so I become lady jesus I get caged I talk only to girls I even look at only girls and if I talk like this I get meds I never looked at anybody sexually ever I do not have those thoughts but others do and he favors others so much so that he takes pleasure with me but listens to others I get demoted others get promoted as he is with me but does not hear me he hears them I get tracked and audited constantly others get momentary watch and a happy promotion for life while I live like a saudi woman shopping for burqaa compromised life can not complain as showing anger only buy myself more meds while I get desinged to please him and the others better every second hard to believe ever since I saw this mand that I live here

  7. Nia says:

    The person next to me is more important to him than me it is my job to keep my neighbour happy. I do not need job husband kids house if I have guts to go to the ocean alone I will be ridiculed as a do not know what is the new pet peeve is slut incompetent is so five year old oh yes mental is the accusation then I think if I believed in the soul mate shit the only thing that will please him is to rescue me out of my neighbours house after I live as their maid slave for futeen years sadly I was living like this

  8. Redstiletto says:

    I agree completely with the article, but I would like to add that, from my experience and knowledge of men, that when a man talks continuously about himself on the first few dates he is “selling” himself to you and trying to impress you. Sort of like a job interview. Sometimes men won’t shut up long enough to learn about you because he is too busy wanting you to know all the “good” about him.
    I know this is somewhat off-subject, but just wanted to add my two cents 🙂

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