How To Get a Man and Make Him Fall In Love With You

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how to get a manWhether you are an independent woman who doesn’t really need a man, a woman who is just entering the dating scene or even someone who has been divorced and wants to have a second chance at love, you may have come to a few obstacles in your dating life. Those are the small obstacles that stand in your way to getting a man and building a loving relationship that will last forever. However small, they are still obstacles that prevent you from getting the man of your dreams, and if you want to know what they are, this page will summarize them in a plain and simple way the biggest mistakes women make with men, and how to stop making those mistakes that prevent you from getting the guy.

If you have tried to get a guy unsuccessfully, and all else has failed, let me ask you a few simple questions, and see if you can relate to any of these situations:

– Have you ever met a guy with whom you felt an instant connection but he never followed up with you and you didn’t know why?

– Have you ever met a great guy who called you every day, emailed you, and sent you text messages several times a day, complimented you, told you how wonderful you were and how happy he was to have met you but after a few weeks or months of dating he seemed to have lost interest?

Perhaps he even told you he’d been waiting for you his entire life, and that the reason he hasn’t committed to anyone was because he’s been waiting for you, and you felt it was real!

He made plans with you. He came off really strong but as soon as you developed strong feelings for him he started disappearing on you, calling you less, and eventually told you it wasn’t going to work, or that he wasn’t ready to commit to a serious relationship.

– Have you ever felt unappreciated by a man you are with and that despite all your efforts to be the best girlfriend he did not value you?

– Have you ever wasted weeks, months or even years with a man who never fully committed to you?

sad woman

– Do you feel that all men are dogs and that there are no good men left out there; that all the good ones are taken and the only ones left are players, cheaters and commitmentphobics?

– Are you starting to give up on the idea of finding a life lasting relationship with the man of your dreams who is everything you have ever wanted and desired in a man and who is also truly committed and devoted to you forever?

If you are nodding in agreement right now, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

In fact, most of my clients who come to my office to seek my advice on how to improve a relationship, how to return an ex boyfriend after a break up, and how to help a man to see and appreciate a good thing when it’s in front of them enter my office for the first time with very similar to yours, past experiences.

I am a professional dating and relationship coach, and right on this page I am going to reveal The Four Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Men that cause a man to pull away or to leave a relationship completely…

Perhaps you are making one or even more of these mistakes with the men you date or the one man you want to have a lasting, committed relationship with…

I have been studying men and relationships for years. I have dedicated most of my adult and professional life, learning what makes a man fall in love with certain women, why men commit to some women but dump others, why men leave some women while those same men get literally addicted to some other women, what makes a man want to commit to a woman forever, and make him desire more than anything to make her his wife, and I am convinced that the four mistakes I am about to reveal to you right in this article are by far the biggest reasons why men leave woman, even when they love them dearly.

I have been teaching women these secrets about men for years, and have seen their relationships improve tremendously, with many women going from dateless to married, and anywhere in between, so get your pen and paper ready, take notes and see if you are making any of these mistakes with men!

Mistake number 1 – Assuming That Men and Women Think the Same Way

male brain
It is scientifically proven that a male brain is very different in physiology and in function from the female brain. The human brain has two parts – logical and emotional. In women, the logical part of the brain is substantially more developed than in men. At the same time, the logical part of the brain is much more developed in men than it is in women.

As you can see now, assuming that men think the same way women do, and acting on that assumption could create huge problems in a relationship.

For example, when a man shuts down and gets quiet, you, as a woman, will instantly think that in order to help him feel better you need to get him to talk, better yet, have a deep conversation about his feelings and emotions. This is because a woman needs this kind of conversation in order to feel better.

Conversely, a man needs to have a quiet time alone in order to decompress, and to recharge. Once he has some time alone, he will feel better, and will be much more prepared to be social again.

However, when you don’t understand the dynamics of how men operate, you will become a nuisance by trying to help. He won’t understand why you need to talk about emotions, and especially, at the least convenient time, and you won’t understand why he won’t talk to you.

You may erroneously assume that he is mad at you, and it sets in motion very negative dynamics of the relationship.

Mistake number 2 – Thinking That a Man Only Wants One Thing from a Woman.

It is easy to assume that if every man you’ve dated in the past lost interest in you shortly after you became intimate, or if you have seen this happen to your girlfriends, co-workers, and other women you’ve known, that means that all a man wants is sex.

But the true reason a man loses interest in a woman shortly after he starts having sex with her is NOT that he got what he wanted.

The true reason he’s lost interest is because when a man first starts dating a woman he likes, he is too preoccupied by trying to win her over and to get sex.

Once he gets satisfaction by winning a woman over, and unless she possesses other qualities that will substantiate his interest in exploring the relationship further, there is nothing there to hold his interest.

It is not very difficult for a desirable man to get sex. You would be surprised to know how many women are after attractive, successful, desirable alpha-male type men. However, while a man such as this can easily get sex from a woman, what he is really interested in is finding the one woman to have a relationship with.

Like women, men too, get very frustrated, not being able to find a lasting connection with someone special. Thus, after the prey is captured and the thrill of the chase subsides, he starts to see clearly, and finds himself in a relationship that is solely based on sex. Shortly after, he decides to end the relationship, since he knows that this isn’t what he thought it would be, once the rose-colored glasses come off.


That doesn’t mean that he is a predator. This simply means that he was looking for something he couldn’t find in the woman he was with. By ending the relationship he is trying to save himself and the woman from getting involved in a relationship that has no future. He doesn’t want to lead you on, and so he bails out.

Don’t blame him for doing so. A man who is honest enough to not lead a woman on will stop calling her and will cease all contact. If the relationship has been developing slowly, and has taken a few weeks or a few months to get to that point, a man of integrity will have a conversation.

However, he probably won’t understand what he is feeling and why he is feeling it. As we’ve discussed earlier, men aren’t in touch with their feelings and emotions. They just know it when it’s right, and when it’s not right.

On the other hand, a man can stay in a relationship with you for a while, hoping that it will develop into something more serious, but unless he feels deep down that you are the right woman for him, he can maintain a status of low emotional investment until the time that warrants moving the relationship to the next level.

When that happens, depends on how soon he will see that the woman he is with is the right woman. When certain conditions are met, he will want to move the relationship forward. But until they are met, he will stay in a relationship maintaining his very low emotional investment.

So, how does a man know when to move the relationship to the next level of commitment?

He knows it, when he feels it. And when he feels it is entirely up to you. Once you show him that you are the right woman for him, he will move mountains for you. And he will know that you are the right woman when he finds what he wants.

If you don’t know what men want, don’t worry, because I have studied psychology of men, and will help you find the way to his heart.

Keep reading this article, do as I teach you, and you will pave the way to your man’s heart in no time!

Mistake Number 3 – Thinking That Men are Pre-Programmed to Run From Commitment


If you, like most women I meet at my office for the first time, have been in a relationship with a man who told you he wasn’t ready to commit, he didn’t know what he wanted, and he didn’t want a serious relationship, you probably think that men are not designed by nature to be in committed relationships.

This can’t be farther from the truth.

Sure, singlehood can offer some perks, but what men, just like women, truly desire, is to find that one special person to settle down with.

The reason a man says he isn’t ready is because he doesn’t feel deep down that he’s found the right woman.

In order for a man to turn from a seemingly commitmentphobic into a marriage oriented man, he needs to find the right woman, the one he feels is the right for him. And if you can show him that you are the right woman, you will become the woman who gets the guy. You will make him drop down his walls, melt away his resistance, and commit to you wholeheartedly.

And when you follow my advice, use my time-tested, proven secrets to get to a man’s heart, and do as I say, you will be well on your way to the altar with the man you desire.

The good news is that if you are right now with the man you want to become your boyfriend or a husband, you already have what it takes to make him yours. You already have the power to turn your relationship around, and to make him want to commit to you willingly and all on his own.

You just don’t know how to use the power you already possess to show him that you are the one he’s been looking for his entire life. And if you have yet to find your husband-to-be, I will give you the tools to rediscover this power inside of you that will ignite the flames of love and passion and keep them burning once you find him!

I am about to help rediscover this power over your man that’s already inside of you, which you didn’t know existed. Pay close attention, and you will find out very soon!

Mistake number 4 – Seeking Relationship Advice from Other Men

adviceThe last, but probably the biggest mistake of all, is soliciting advice on your relationship from other men.

There are multiple reasons why you should never listen to another man when it comes to advice on your relationship.

It is not uncommon for a woman who is frustrated by her relationship failures to turn to another man for a relationship advice. It seems perfectly logical at the time. After all, since everything else has failed, the logical solution would be to ask a man. Here is your thought process: Since he is a man, he should know how to attract a man, and what makes a man fall in love and commit to a woman. Right?


As we’ve discussed earlier, a typical man is not in touch with his feelings and emotions, and thus, he doesn’t understand why he is attracted to a certain woman, why he falls in love with a certain woman, and why he wants to commit to a certain woman.

As I’ve said before, he knows it when he feels it. But since he can’t connect with, and verbalize his feelings and emotions, everything that comes out of his mouth will do more harm than good.

Moreover, depending on who you ask, they may have their own ulterior motives for giving you the wrong advice.

Have you ever tried asking your good male friend for advice on your relationship with another man only to hear, he is a jerk, dump him?

And did it ever occur to you that the friend giving you advice may have had a secret crush on you, and wanted you two to break up so he can have a chance with you?

Or perhaps, it was your brother, who wanted to protect you from being hurt, so he was overprotective, and therefore harmful to your relationship…

Even if the man giving you advice isn’t someone who has a vested interest in you, he will give you advice based on the man talk…

Men seem to have a double standard when it comes to giving relationship advice…

They tell you that they love women who dress sexy, and yet, they call them sluts amongst other men…

They tell you they love a sexually liberated woman, and then they don’t respect you when you have sex with them on a first date, even though they do that too…

They say they want a woman to be a certain way, but then they turn around and leave you in the cold, while they find someone else to commit to.

I am sure you’ve tried to be the best, most nurturing girlfriend you could be to your man in the hopes that he would see how good of a wife you’d be for him. You cooked meals for him, did his laundry, cleaned his house, but instead of giving you his commitment he took you for granted.

You’ve tried to get his love and devotion by looking the best you could, dressing seductively, giving him your love and devotion, trying to get him to talk and to open up to you. You opened up to him about your feelings, hoping that you could open the door to communication and connection. But nothing worked.

The harder you tried, the more distant he became until eventually he dumped you for a woman who was selfish and uncaring. And you just couldn’t understand what it was that she had, that you didn’t.

girlfriendAsking for advice from your girlfriends, however, isn’t going to help you much either. The problem is that most of your girlfriends probably don’t have the vast experience with men and relationships. In addition to that, most women are competitive, and some women’s ego can’t handle their friend having a better relationship than theirs. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true, even if they don’t even realize it themselves.

Also, the single friends of yours don’t want you to suddenly find a good man and settle down in a relationship. They don’t want to lose you as a companion for a Friday girl’s night out and a partner in crime. They want you to spend time with them, and they know that once you are in a committed relationship, your new man will be stealing their time with you from them.

Learning how to attract a man from popular women’s magazines is another time waster. Women’s magazines are cheap because they are sponsored by advertisements. Thus, the articles you find in those magazines will be targeted to sell you all kinds of products – harmful facial injections which will supposedly make you look younger, fat loss pills that allegedly make you drop a few pounds overnight right before your hot date, expensive clothing and accessories, and many other kinds of consumer products.

So, what are you left with?

How To Get The Right Relationship Advice

As an experienced dating and relationship coach, I have the knowledge and the experience helping thousands of women just like you, improve their relationships, find the men of their dreams, and achieve all they desire in a relationship with a man!

And today you are in luck because since you have found this page you are already giant steps ahead of most women and are much closer to these secrets than most women! You already have an advantage over them, and have a great head start just by reading this page.

Here is what one of my private clients says about the results she got by working with me.

After being burned in my divorce, I had no self-esteem. My failed marriage made me question whether I was even good enough to attract a man. I kept dating men who didn’t respect me, and all they wanted was sex.

After working with Elaine for only two months I rediscovered myself all over again, and started attracting quality men.

I am now with a man who absolutely adores me, and who is totally devoted and committed to me!

And can you believe if I told you that this testimonial came from a client who has a physical disability?

She had to travel for miles to meet with me for our private coaching sessions.

But, of course, I realize that not everyone can travel to California to sit down with me at my office. And I’d like to offer you an even better deal!

how to get a man bookI have put my most closely guarded secrets I’ve been teaching my private coaching clients into an electronic book How To Get a Man & Make Him Fall In Love With You which you can, download instantly, right from this page, and be reading it within minutes!

You don’t need to get on a plane, head to California, schedule a private one-on-one consultation with me, and pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars like other women did.

You can have all the same life-changing information I have shared with my private coaching clients, right now, at your fingertips!

See that orange button down below? Click that button right now and you will be transferred to the next page where you will fill out an order form to download a copy of my book instantly!

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Here are some of the other testimonials left by my private coaching clients:

When I first learned about Elaine’s coaching program I was very hesitant.

At the age of 38 I felt I never had a real boyfriend.

My biological clock was ticking, and I had almost given up the idea of having my own family.

Meeting Elaine changed my life!

Now, two years later, I am married to the man of my dreams and we are expecting our first child!

I have since been recommending Elaine’s relationship coaching services with a great enthusiasm!

She has a unique understanding of the men psychology and her advice has no age boundaries. My mom who had been divorced from my dad found a wonderful man at the age of 63 by following Elaine’s advice and my niece just got engaged at the age of 24!

Here is what you are going to learn when you download my program:

How a man knows you are The One

Do Looks Really Matter to Men?

How to Become a Woman Who Gets a Man

How to Understand Men Better To Make Them Fall In Love With You

How to Make Your Man Do What You Want By Influencing His Decisions Without Nagging

What Men Really Want From Women

What Men Are Attracted To – the critical information that will teach you How You Can Attract a Man

What Men Want In Bed

How to Keep a Man once you get him and specific strategies to keep a man

… and much more!

And RIGHT NOW per special request of my subscribers I am running a SPECIAL on this product, so you have a unique opportunity to own this course at a steep discount!

Get this program now, and you will save 35% off of regular price!

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Many of my private coaching clients paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to learn the same things you are about to learn from this program, but as my loyal subscriber, or someone who has been referred to this page by a friend, you now have the rare opportunity to invest in your future a fraction of its normal price!

What is it worth to you to have the relationship of your dreams with the man who is completely in love with you, and who is eternally devoted and committed to you?

The relationship of your dreams is priceless! You cannot put a price tag on it!

But you can, for the price that’s less than a dinner at an average restaurant, know the secrets that pave the way to your man’s heart forever!

Here is what will happen when you commit to improving your love with today:

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  1. Deborah says:

    Will this work for a woman who is already in a relationship and wants to make sure she keeps the guy?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your question. Yes, this will work for a woman who is already in a relationship. It will work for you if you want to keep the guy for a long term and build a healthy happy relationship. If you are in a casual relationship right now it will help you move your relationship to the next level. If you are already in a serious relationship this will help you keep the guy in love and committed to you.

  2. Allison says:

    Will this help get a guy to propose?

    • admin says:

      This course will help women understand men better and relate better to men, which in turn results in a better, more fulfilling relationship. While I don’t know your specific situation, what I can tell you is that, if you have trouble relating to your boyfriend, if you want your boyfriend to love you more, and to build a lasting connection, this book will give you the tools to make your relationship better. Will your boyfriend propose to you? I don’t know, and I cannot guarantee you that… What I know is that by using these tools my clients have greatly improved their dating lives and their relationships with men. I get emails from my past clients who have used my advice and have taken their relationships to the next level of commitment. Many of them have gotten married, or are engaged now.

      I hope this helps.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      • kk says:

        “The Rules: Time Tested Secrets to Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right” by Ellen Fein and Sherry Schenider is the answer for women looking to get married to the man of their dreams!

  3. Sabrina says:

    Elaine, I have bought a few of your books before. I am interested in this book but I want to know if the information in this book is very different from what I already have or is it something new? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Sabrina,

      This is a brand new product. Although the general topic of our books is relationship advice for women, this book has just been released. In fact, you can now get it at a lower launch price for a limited time. As you may already know, my products go up in price after the initial launch, so this is a good time to get it.

      Thank you!

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