How To Tell Where You Stand With a Man

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If you’ve ever wondered where you stand with a man and where your relationship is going this is your lucky day because after you learn the information presented in this article you will know exactly how to tell where you stand with a man in your life without having to ever ask him!

In this article I will reveal some sure-fire signs that your man is serious about you, so get ready to learn this exciting information!

Socially Accepted Behavior 


There are socially accepted behaviors that couples in close committed relationships display. Often you can tell where you stand with a man by simply paying attention to how other people in his life see you before it ever becomes apparent to you. This is because your guy will talk about you to his friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

Your man may not admit this to you right away, but you may overhear his friend or co-worker say to you “I’ve heard about you”, or “Hi, so, you are Jim’s girlfriend!” This is how you know you’ve been talked about.

When a man is serious about you, his friends, family and neighbors know about you, before you know it yourself.

If your man has friendly relationships with his neighbors, they know you are his girlfriend. When a neighbor comes over and you get the door, the neighbor usually will strike a conversation with you. Pay attention to the things he says to you. You can usually tell by the things he says that he knows your man is pretty darn serious about you.

Sometimes you may even overhear your neighbors talk about you on their porch. They may say things like, “Jim has a new girlfriend” or “Jim’s new girlfriend seems nice”.

If your man is going to his country club and wants to introduce you to his buddies from the country club, this is usually a good sign. Also, listen closely to what he says to his buddies and how he introduces you. If he says “This is Melinda” read between the lines “this is my date”. If he says “This is my girlfriend Melinda” read between the lines “I am serious about this relationship and hope it will progress toward something serious”.

When your guy is invited to a party, his friends will usually invite both of you. They will automatically extend an invitation to both of you.

Basically pay attention how people in your man’s life treat you – do they treat you as his girlfriend or a stranger?

This will give you a clear indication of whether you’ve been talked about by your man and what he is saying about you when you don’t hear.

If a man is falling in love with you, he will talk about you a whole lot. You will always be on his mind, and will be his most favorite topic to talk about. Before you even know it, all his friends, co-workers and neighbors know about you.

On the contrary, if no one in his life knows about you, or he has not introduced you to any of his friends, this is a pretty bad sign, especially if you have been dating for a while. But don’t worry! Read This Page to learn how to take your relationship from casual to serious!

Activities and Spending Time Together


Doing things together outside of work and spending most of the free time together is another strong indicator that a man is serious about you.

I have this FaceBook friend who is a woman in her early twenties who has a boyfriend. Every time she posts pictures, videos, and other FaceBook updates, she is always with her boyfriend. In fact I have never seen her without him, and although I don’t know this woman personally (I have a large network on FaceBook friends/professional connections in the fashion and modeling business) I know that she has a boyfriend because it is pretty apparent.

As long as you and your guy spend time mostly separately, and meet up on occasion, you are his date. When you start spending more time together, this means your relationship is going somewhere.

You can never tell where it will end up because not every date becomes a marriage, but as long as you are progressively spending more time together by both your initiatives, your relationship is going exactly where you want it to go.

Don’t stress out and learn how to let it progress to that ultimate destination on This Page.

Using FaceBook To Tell Where Your Relationship Is Going 


It goes without saying that if a man is anything but serious about you, the two of you should be linked on FaceBook. If you are not, this means he is not at all serious about you at this time.

Facebook allows the listing of relationships in your profile – but until the person you’re in a relationship with confirms it you will only be listed as in a relationship. Thus you will be tagged as ‘in a relationship’ but not with whom.

As long as your guy’s FaceBook page lists his status as ‘single’ and especially indicates that he is interested in ‘women’ and is looking for ‘dating’ or ‘a relationship’ amongst other options your relationship is not serious.

When you notice changes in his relationship status on FaceBook, for instance, if his ‘single’ status disappears, you can tell he is getting more serious about you or about some other woman if he is going out with more than one woman.

If he starts posting pictures of both you and he doing some things together, and on top of that ‘tags’ you in those pictures, you can tell he wants people to know about your relationship, which is a good sign he is getting serious. However, people also ‘tag’ their friends in the pictures they post, so you shouldn’t be paranoid if he is posting a ten-year-old photo from college he has just scanned and tags his female friends from college in that photo.

In case you don’t know what ‘tagging’ feature means on FaceBook, this is an option to specify who appears in the picture, and to link to their FaceBook profile. So, if your man is posting pictures of the two of you, and is linking those photos in which you appear to your FaceBook profile he is basically open about letting the world know he is spending time with you.

And finally if you receive a relationship approval request from him on FaceBook, you know for sure, he is ready to announce to the world he is serious about you.

To learn how to take your relationship from casual to serious, Read This Page!

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6 Responses to “How To Tell Where You Stand With a Man”
  1. mariana says:

    My boyfriend doesn’t want to change his facebook status to “in a relationship” he leaves it at “single” but he says its only because he doesn’t care for it cause it causes drama but its important to me because I feel like if he doesn’t want people to know we’re going out and to what this article says maybe in his eyes we’re not a serious relationship, but to me it is…m

  2. mary says:

    What about the 70 year old man who has been dating this lady in public for 3 years but cheats on her as soon as she goes away. Seems there is no committment there. He says, she fills the time. No committment to the other woman either.

  3. suzanne says:

    Well I don’t think facebook is a way to know if your relationship is serious or not….the world does not care if you r….only u and him need to know how the reltionship is going…talk to your guy…not a facebook…in person…is the best way…or at least on the phone….

  4. christin says:

    i’m need help from u are guys ,,be honest i’am here really so hard to know about my relationship ,,i’am know him from dating site in couple of month and we really close unthil tolk about marrid ,,he old then me divorsed i’am also divorsed ,,,i’am try always give him attetion and he give me no enough attetion and he is very jealous men ,,every day we send sms or email each other he never asking about my job my day or my son ,,and i’am really give all my attetion to him then he say always want me be he wife so i’am try to asking about marrid documen becouse we from different contry i’m do asking with german embassy but he say tomorrow and tomorrow and alsways busy with job and he say no worry he have money and job ,,,but i’m really thinking i’m want marrid to be happiness not suck men money ,,so is this like that men real or fake i’m really tired for this ,,plz guys help me to faund solusion ,,thanks alot

  5. Emily says:

    I had almost a year Relationship with a married guy.At first wheN I met him he told me he is divorse for long time.A month pass by he admitted that his not totally divorse infact he is always been there every three months.I accept because I love him a lot and we are enjoying each other.he always said that he is getting in touch with me and he fall in love with me and I can feel it as well.He is helping me a lot in my financial problems.i always told him if your family knows about so what you will do?he just reply and said,my wife doesn’t care me she give me free but in my age is not necessary a legally divorse as I am too old.But the thing is wanna make sure that is he going to be mind forever.i don’t have assurance at all.Pls help me!Whats the best thing can do.

    Sincerely Yours,

  6. marlene says:

    You don’t know what you are saying.why does he wants to keep his status single when he is in a relationship.He is a cheater that is why he doesn’t want to change his status .He wants to appear as a single guy because he is still

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