I Know Why He Dumped You

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Do you want to know the hard cold truth about why sometimes a man will dump a woman when things seemed to be going great with no warning signs?

Read on to find out one of the reasons why men dump women – the honest confession of one woman who was able to identify the problem AND get her man back!

Here is an e-mail I recently received from one of my clients:

Dear Elaine,

I’ve been subscribing to your e-mails since 2010. I read them regularly as they answer a lot of my questions about men and dating.

Thanks to your advice, your articles and some of your books I have learned a lot about understanding men and have been rather successful at meeting and attracting quality men but still have not found the right one to marry.

This one guy I met recently seemed very promising. Here is my story.

We met about two months ago on a dating site. We instantly hit it off and started dating.

Thanks to your advice I had learned I was a cool girl as you would put it. I wasn’t needy, clingy or desperate. I wasn’t calling him and was only responding to his calls and text messages.

For three weeks things were going great. He was a total gentleman, he courted me and showed me that he cared. He brought me flowers, opened doors, etc.

We talked on the phone regularly and texted throughout the day on a daily basis.

We saw each other several times a week, he introduced me to some of his friends, we went on short trips together.

Following your advice in one of your books I had purchased I did not sleep with him until he said he was committed to me (as in an official girlfriend/boyfriend relationship), took down his dating site profile (which is what I did also at the same time and as per our discussion about getting serious) and he officially started referring to me as his girlfriend.

The first time we had sex was about three weeks into the relationship (after our discussion, thanks to your advice and your books). It happened at his house after our dinner date.

After that our relationship progressed nicely with even more phone conversations, texting (all initiated by him), and doing things together.

The next time we had sex was again at his house on a Friday night after going dancing.

On the following day I had to go into the office to work overtime as it is a busy time of the year for my company, so I got up in the morning while he was still asleep, got dressed before he woke up and left.

We continued seeing each other and keeping in regular contact. No changes at all.

The third time we had sex was on a weekend trip. He had booked a room at a five-star resort and we spent a weekend together.

After this things suddenly changed.

On Monday he did not call me at all. This was very much out of character for him as he used to text me every day and follow up with a phone call after I responded.

I called him the following day as if nothing had happened and asked him what he was up to.

He said he was just at home doing nothing. I told him that I had taken a day off on Friday that week as we had talked about before.

There was silence, so I said, “if you are still interested”, to which he said, “let me send you something”.

I asked “excuse me?” and he said “I need to send you something; it’s on my phone; I’ll call you right back”.

He then sent a screen shot of my other dating profile on the same dating site we met on which I had told him I had before when I met my ex boyfriend three years ago. I had forgotten my user name and changed my e-mail address since then.

What he did was, he searched on the dating site after we both deleted our profiles and found my old profile. It was apparent that I was not logging onto that profile.

I called him back and he told me that he couldn’t trust me and I was dishonest with him. He said he needed to “take a break” (the same like you put so much importance on in your book Get Him Back) which I bought later that day!

I knew from reading your e-mails and articles that I should not argue with him, and I basically knew right away not to do anything until I re-read your articles on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

I re-read some of your e-mails and found a link to your book Get Your Man Back, which I immediately purchased.

I was able to recognize that his excuse for breaking up with me was just an excuse, and the real reason was just like it was described in your book – he just felt like it was too much too fast.

I followed your advice in the book and he got back in contact with me after only two weeks!!!

I have to say that what happened after was just as you predicted in your book!

He followed the exact steps described, and since I already knew what he would do next and what would be the next step he’d take, I just followed the system, and it all worked out!!!

The amazing thing was that I did not have to wonder at any step of the way!!!

It happened just like you described!

He contacted me the same way you said he would. He actually texted me first. But when I did not respond he called me! I knew exactly what to say next and kept the first conversation the suggested length.

Sure enough, he contacted me again. This time he was apologetic, but I did everything exactly as you recommended in your book.

I have to say that in the interim I was doing all of the things you suggested in your book, which is why he decided to contact me again.

When we finally got back together (yes, I made him EARN me all over again – I didn’t make it easy) he told me that when he first made a decision to break up with me his decision was firm, but after I did what I did (which is what I learned from your book, which he doesn’t know about ;-), he had a change of heart!

I am forever in your debt, Elaine!

We got back together and are going stronger than ever before!

I have to say that I can see now how a man can go from being madly in love into a state of indifference, and how spending a lot of time together can contribute into a break up!

I also want to carry the message to all your readers and to say that if someone finds themselves dumped by a guy who seemed great at first – Don’t Give Up! There is a solution! And I have found my solution in your guide Get Your Man Back System which I will highly recommend to any woman who is going through a break up and wants to fix things and get her man back and to get into a committed relationship with him!

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12 Responses to “I Know Why He Dumped You”
  1. Renecia says:

    What if the woman was the person who dumped the guy because after putting her as first then started putting her at last priority?

    And now she wants him back, they still talk (no sex) but he is not rushing to get with her but says he is not ready to let go.

    They argue a lot because he is not making an effort to get back with her. After the break up, he told her that he was in love with her. It has been nearly 2 months

    How do you deal with a situation like that?

  2. Veronica says:

    I met this guy thru a friend n after half a year, he called me for dinner. But after that, we have not contacted each other again. During the dinner, he said I did not eat much n seemed he was not happy n I did not tell him I just broke up w my boyfriends. After a few years, we met again with a friend n have a drink together in the afternoon, n he did nothing n I did not expect much coz I was in a on/off relations. I texted him sometimes n was initiated by me n he answered everytime. I tried to pull away for two months. Things seems only slightly better, he texted back right away. Finally, I want to stopp the on/off relations which he think I need so, he said he does not want me to talk my ex coz I m sharing the burden of unhappiness w him. He said I should introduced him some gals but everything I sent her photos of gals, he doesn’t comment. So I sent me I guys photo, he reassured me he is not gay. Almost six months, what should I do?

  3. somebody says:

    if a guy would be dishonest and blame me for being dishonest he would get dumped by me, not returned

    this story did not excite me much

    it’s not always about catching and keeping him
    sometimes it’s actually about meeting the right one

    a guy who is only two three weeks into the relationship and cannot take responsibility for progressing faster than he wanted
    not only he doesn’t say “i feel like we are moving too fast for me” – he blames her
    and in what?
    being dishonest!

    DISCARD! what will be when the relationship will actually get MORE serious? what will he blame her then? murder? rape? come on!

  4. ms ei says:

    How can i get him back?we’ve been two years on and off into relationship,but now its seems that he dont like to communicate to me anymore,i always do the first move but i am feed up of this and i feel i want to give up..but i still love him very much.what will i do to get him back in my arms?

  5. Rover says:

    @Leslie I tried to contact you via email but I got the “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently” error. It seems you wrote your email wrong. Can you please contact me?

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