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Many women want to get commitment from their men. In an attempt to find out how he feels about commitment we often initiate ‘the talk’. But having a serious talk with a man about your relationship is often a sure-fire way to scare off a man who is not on the same page with you. Surprisingly, most people want commitment in their lives, but commitment often means different things to different people.

For women it often means getting married and having children. For men however, commitment means financial responsibility, and generally increased responsibilities. Because commitment is tougher on men than on women, and if you’ve heard this expression, ‘women are never happy until they marry, men are always happy until they marry’, this is not true but ironic, many men are leery of commitment.

So, how do you know when your guy is ready to commit to YOU?

Ask him these questions and you will not only be closer to the truth, but you will also get a deep and profound insight into his mind as well as yourself. Tell your man to ask HIMSELF these questions:

- Do I want to have a loving and supportive partner who supports my goals and helps me be a better man by my side?

- If and when I find that person, am I prepared to be a loving, devoted and supportive partner to them?

- Why do I not have that person in my life right now?

- What can I do to find that person, or what makes me disqualify the people I am dating right now? Tell specifics on why the person you are dating right now is NOT that loving and supportive partner. List things that would make that person an ‘ideal’ partner to whom you would commit in a heartbeat.

Now, list the things that make you NOT loving and supportive partner to them.

Do you have feedback? Please leave your comment down below!

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5 Responses to “Is He Ready To Commit Quiz – Will He Commit”
  1. Christina says:

    Your advice is always terrific, Elaine These are very important questions. I’ve always been scared to ask and never knew what or how to ask. Tone of voice, keeping desperation and nervousness at bay, will really lay the foundation for an open and honest conversation with the man you are dating.

  2. anne says:

    I have been that kind of partner three times and am skeptical such a man of equal commitment exists.

  3. Matty says:

    As for me I don’t beat about the bush. I told the man I have dated for three years that if he is not committing, am out of his life. He was very unsure of what he wants, so I decided to end the relationship. We stayed for 8months without communicating. I applied the No-Contact rule. He attempted communicating but ignored him and if I replied I was always cold and kept the texts short. We are back now, he says he has realised am the only person who has scattered his brain and that he is ready to do whatever I want to make me happy. He has asked to meet my parents but I have told him to take his time so he doesn’t feel pressured.

  4. Nia says:

    When I ask the heart inside my heart I know my man says yes even before I ask and so do I
    Head over heals in love in real life

  5. Dove says:

    What if you are already engaged? How can you still ask these questions i mean give it to him? Thank you

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