Men Can Fake Whole Relationships

May 30, 2012 by  
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Have you ever heard the famous phrase by Sharon Stone “Women can fake an orgasm but men can fake a whole relationship”?

If you are like most women, you’ve had to experience the unfortunate truth behind the statement.

But the worst thing about a fake relationship is that you may never find out it was fake to begin with, wondering what the heck happened and why it was over?

A friend of mine is in this kind of a relationship right now!

She is deeply in denial and completely refuses to talk about it and to even bring it up.

I don’t bring up the subject any more, and neither does she. She knows that if she does, she’ll get a cold shower of truth from me, so she prefers to live in her illusive ivory tower, playing the boyfriend/girlfriend game.

In seven months of dating (and sleeping together), he’s never once taken her anywhere. They meet on weekends when he doesn’t have any other plans (with his kids, friends, family, co-workers, etc.) and “hang out”.

And by “hanging out” she means they literally “hang out” at his home. And after they “hang out” she drives about sixty miles back home.

She’s never met any of his friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, not even his kids. And when she asks when she can meet his kids, he tells her he is not ready.


He is very ready to sleep with her, and yet, he is not ready to make her a part of his life.

And she buys this BS for months!

She once said to me “if you want to have a relationship with a man you have to be patient”.


I don’t think so.

My opinion is that if you want to have a relationship with a man, you go ahead and have a relationship with him, provided, of course, that he wants that too!

And if you have the “want” part, what’s preventing you from having a relationship with the man you are sleeping with?

Clearly, it’s that HE doesn’t have that “want” part. Something is missing.

And if you want to know how to find out the truth about how your man feels about you, what he thinks about you, and whether he ‘wants” that relationship with you, read this page >>>

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21 Responses to “Men Can Fake Whole Relationships”
  1. Tisa says:

    Things like this are so easy to see looking from an outsider perspective. One of my closest girlfriends has been in this type of “relationship” for 1 1/2 years. The only time they see each other is when he stops by during his lunch time to “hang out”. She doesn’t know where he lives and only hears from him by text in between visits. I sincerely believe he is married but of course she is living in her ivory tower and thinks what they have is special.
    I wish I had some advice but for those in these types of relationships they have painted a very unrealistic view of what they have without being able to see the truth. I think because the times they are together they are made to feel desired and put up with the disconnect in hopes a full real relationship will unfold for their payment for being so patient.

  2. cryatal says:

    Yeah u can tell there’s signs all around that. If my man didn’t let me meet his family and friends or kids I’d think they was something wrong there. I’d find me somebody worth my time if I was ur friend times to short to be playing games!!

  3. Kathy says:

    Well I met a guy today and he told me that he met his wife January 12 2012 on and 159 days they were married. Now granted that is a tad quick but it also tells me that if a guy really wants you HE WANTS YOU NOW! Not later!

    It also tells me that I was in denial in a relationship too when I saw a man for a year same way, at my house, none of his friends, or family. I was a happy camper until one day last July he said I found somebody new and I want to see where it goes. Never fool yourself that you are “the one” in that kind of situation you are just a FWB. If you are saying yes to everything he asks of you he has lost value in you because you have lost value in yourself. You may as well be a dog after a bone. He has you on a leash and when he says come you run towards him. If you answer all of his texts right away, return all phone calls within minutes you are on his leash he justs tugs and you run towards him. He has already won you over he doesn’t have to work for it anymore. You are his at his beck and call. Why should he buy the cow when the milk is free. Men like a challenge they want to know that they have won the prize not the booby prize.

    Why would you wait, when the one might be around the corner looking for you appreciating you. You can lose years of time just “waiting” for him to finally realize you are the one. But at this rate he will never see it. One possible chance is to stop everything, be busy, don’t answer back right away. If he can’t take you out somewhere don’t go to him. You are doing all the work time for him to work for you.

  4. Sasha says:

    I do not know if I am in he ame situation but I have a boyfiend who mentioned the m word but a year later he has not yet proposed to me at all. When I mention this fact, his excuses are lame!

    Also he is always broke does not hav money. I take out my money all the time.

  5. Love says:

    Dated a dude for almost a whole year who was scared to say I was his GF
    So I said forget this and told him I was interested in dating other dudes;)
    All of a sudden I became important but it was too late I told him. It’s been about 6
    months now I’m still looking for a new guy, but actively dating;) if I held on to him I realized
    I would have missed oppertunites and would never been happy being in limbo:))

  6. Aliana says:

    i do completely agree…

  7. Elba says:

    thanks for this post

  8. Carlinha says:

    absolutely fantastic! lots of great information and inspiration

  9. Albina says:

    this post is so interesting, when i find some free time i will read all the others

  10. Daniele says:

    i just want to say i like it and thanks

  11. Eleonor says:

    really informative post, i am truly happy to post my comment on your blog. i’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us

  12. Eleonor says:

    i’m glad i could learn so much here in your blog. thanks a lot

  13. cryatal says:

    You can tell if a man really like you by how he acts around u and if he calls or text u every day and tells u how much he misses seeing u and how he wish u was there with him and comes see u everyday more than once a day. But these are the signs my bf gives and shows me so I was just sharing them.

  14. Dalva says:

    i like your advice. your site is very informative and i always learn something new every day

  15. Belina says:

    that is very true

  16. cryatal says:

    And I mean if a woman can’t tell the difference in a guy liking her and stuff then idk what to say cause u can always tell if a guy really likes u ..!!!

  17. Eunice says:

    thanks to your post i can solve some of my problems, thank you

  18. Carmela says:

    I was with a guy for four months. The first two months we didn’t sleep together. After we slept together he still wants to see me but the relationship talk stopped. He tells me we should just take it slow and see where it goes.

  19. Adalgisa says:

    appreciate your posts as always!

  20. Erundina says:

    this article is really a great help

  21. Crispiana says:

    nice post thanks for sharing

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