Should You Tell Him You Love Him

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We often wonder whether we should tell a man about our feelings. If the thought of telling your man you love him has crossed your mind often, and yet, you haven’t uttered those magic words, you may be feeling fearful of telling him you love him.

Hey, there isn’t anything wrong with admitting your fear of rejection, and frankly no one if exempt from those feelings. You would be surprised to find out that your man is just as fearful of saying those words to you are you are.

But can you really develop a relationship based on mutual understanding, honesty and deep emotional connection if you don’t communicate about your feelings? Truthfully, you both need to know where you stand in a relationship, and each of you has to have the reassurance that the relationship is moving forward.

Without honest, clear and direct communication neither one of you will have the security of a committed relationship.

Often, couples who are afraid to discuss their feelings struggle from not knowing just how secure their relationships are, what to expect from their partners in a relationship, what the responsibilities of a relationship are, and what obligations they have.

Additionally, talking about your true innermost feelings with your partner will draw him closer to you, and make him drop down his guard and defenses, and pave the path to a deeper emotional connection.

Intimacy is not all about what you get in bed. In fact, the real intimacy is emotional. It is that feelings of closeness that we get only with someone special. This is what separates casual relationships from committed. This is what separates the men from the boys, and the women from the girls, for that matter.

But how do you share your feelings with a partner when you are afraid of rejection?

First, you need to understand, that your fear doesn’t come from the fact that you love your man. Your fear is of your own making. It is all a product of the ego, and nothing else.

You are afraid that you may face rejection if you tell your guy you love him.

But truth is that if you don’t tell him how you feel about him, he won’t be able to open up to you and let his feelings for you develop.

The key to communicating your feelings is to thine own self be true! How do YOU really feel about your man? Do you love him? Do you admire him?

If so, express your feelings. Verbalize them in a non-threatening way, without expectations.

Be frank with him, but don’t expect neither positive nor negative outcome. Speak from your heart because that is the only way to establish intimacy and deep emotional connection. A woman who is confident enough to show her feelings is a real turn on for a man. A woman who is assertive, who doesn’t care what the world thinks of her, and who stays true to her feelings regardless of a possible outcome is a rare find, and men know that on a subconscious level.

The only time when you probably should avoid telling him you love him is when he’s never said it to you before. Wait for him to tell you he loves you first, and once you have the green light, open up about your own feelings.

A man who truly loves you will be turned on by your expression of love. The one who doesn’t love you, or the one who’s sitting on a fence can respond with a simple Thank You. If your man says that, then you know, he isn’t as into you as you are into him. But what do you have to lose?

It’s better to know the truth, and to know exactly where you stand in your relationship, than experience never-ending anxiety from not knowing how he truly feels about you and about your relationship. You won’t need to ask him where you stand in a relationship. All you need is to pay attention to what he says and what he does.

If you aren’t sure whether he loves you or not, and he hasn’t said he does, Read This Page to find out how to get the man you want and make him fall in love with you!

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24 Responses to “Should You Tell Him You Love Him”
  1. Ban says:

    I don`t thing it is good to be aggressive with men and tell them that you love them they will get advantage of you what I mean don`t say it loudly say it little by little with action.

  2. ELIAN says:

    I just don’t know what to say to a man who is gunshy…he tells me I’m his sweetheart…but will not say the three words…but his actions speak louder than words and I am happy…much happier than with a man who says those words but does not treat me well…

  3. Darilha says:

    this article certainly will help me. thank you

  4. Darlene says:

    really informative article.. i was just thinking that i should tell my boyfriend that i love him but he never told me he loves me too

  5. Cilene says:

    wow, awesome article…

  6. Two of Us Dating Service says:

    Great advice! Since women and men are so different, it is best to make sure both people are on the same page. Men are oftentimes more sensitive than women, but it is still best to wait until he says, I love you first.

  7. Kate says:

    I say, if a guy cannot tell you he loves you, he dosen’t. All the rest is wishful thinking, and excuses, for guys who are emotional slackers. Love consists of 3 elements. Commitment, intimacy, and passion. Very simple, you do the math.

  8. Diane says:

    your website is like an encyclopedia on relationships for me, thanks

  9. Eloida says:

    i want to thank you for this informative read

  10. Daphne says:

    excellent information. i have learned quite a few very helpful information from your blog. thank you very much

  11. Dora says:

    great post

  12. Expedita says:

    thanks for sharing this information….

  13. Dioclene says:

    what a great article that is really informative and innovative

  14. Dina says:

    i would like more information on this topic please. this is very interesting to me

  15. Corinta says:

    i’m definitely going to follow your advice. thank you very much. i have been reading your advice articles and i have to say they are great. i learn a lot from them

  16. Emanuele says:

    thank you for the info, it really helps

  17. Bete says:

    I never told my boyfriend that I love him. He tells me how much I mean to him and how much he adores me. I think I should tell him how I feel about him.

  18. Evandra says:

    if you love a man you should tell him you love him. there isn’t a good thing to be gained from playing games. just be honest and be yourself. if he doesn’t tell you he loves you too, then you shouldn’t even be with him because he doesn’t

  19. Daisy says:

    this is very interesting and also very informative. I was looking for advice on how to tell a man I love him and I found it here. this article answered my questions

  20. Eduarda says:

    I want to know what words to use to tell him I love him

  21. Cícera says:

    thank you for your advice, it was very helpful to me

  22. Abigail says:

    I was just about to write him a letter to tell him how I feel about him, so thank you for this advice

  23. Cleonice says:

    thanks for sharing in the above info

  24. Adele says:

    thank you for this great info about love and communication with men!

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