Use These 3 Subliminal Triggers To Make Him Commit To You

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If you are in an off-again-on-again relationship with a man and you want him to step up to the plate and give you the real commitment, you want to read this article.

Are you in a relationship that’s stuck and not going anywhere?

Do you feel that your soul mate, the man you are destined to be with is reluctant to commit?

Do you feel that he likes you, maybe even loves you, but for some reason he isn’t sure he wants to take your relationship to the next level?

Do you feel that you aren’t getting what you deserve in a relationship with a man, and are settling for the crumbs he is giving you, and that you deserve a full blown commitment, but aren’t getting one?

If so, you must read this page!

There are many ways we, women can use to make a man commit. But unfortunately, we don’t know what they are, and there is often no one to show us the right way to encourage a man to commit.

I am giving you all the tools you need to make a man commit. You just have to take them and use them!

There are 3 subliminal triggers that men respond to when it comes to making a man change his mind about commitment and suddenly realize you are the woman he can’t live without.

The first subliminal way to make him commit to you is by showing him that you are different from all other women he’s ever dated.

Let me explain; When a man is reluctant to commitment, this often means that his previous experiences with women and relationships were not very positive. A man who’s been burned before is more likely to wait to get to know you better before making a commitment to you.

This simply means that he is jaded and is unsure he wants to commit again.

By showing him that you aren’t like most women he’s dated before you are subtly encouraging him to change his mind about commitment.

A man needs to know that his previous relationships have nothing to do with you, and that your relationship is different and has no bearing on how his previous relationships went.

If a man tells you he’s been hurt before he needs to feel safe with you before he can commit to you.

When you show him that you are different and can provide the safety in a relationship, he will subtly move toward giving you the real commitment you deserve. In his opinion you are different from those before you who broke his heart, cheated on him, or took away his assets in a divorce.

The second way to make a man change his mind about commitment is by showing him that you are the best option he could possibly find. Men are conditioned to believe that there is that perfect woman, the perfect soul mate they’ve been waiting to show up in their lives.

In order to make your man realize that you are that perfect woman you need to show him, not tell. He needs to know that there isn’t anyone for him better than you are. But the grass is always greener, and even when you know it that you two are perfect for each other, men have a tendency to keep their eyes open.

A man may be dating you exclusively, but this doesn’t mean that you are in a committed relationship. He will not tell you this, but in the back of his mind he is keeping his options open.

When a man is exclusive with a woman but won’t commit, he is waiting for his perfect soulmate to show up in his life. If you see each other sporadically and he swears that he doesn’t see anyone else, this means that he is not actively looking, but that he isn’t sure he has found his perfect match.

Often women settle in relationships like this for years only to realize after many wasted years that the men they are with aren’t ever going to commit!

And when they start to put pressure on their men, they often end up dumped and alone, realizing that they now don’t have as many options for finding a new man as they did when they were younger.

Why would you want to be stuck in a relationship that’s going nowhere when you can turn it around and move your man subtly toward giving you the real commitment you’ve been waiting for?

You wouldn’t!

So, take these tools I am giving you on a silver platter and use them right away to encourage your man to become your one and only, and to become the one and only for him! Read This Page!

The last tool you want to use to increase your man’s desire to commit to you is your own desire to get the commitment you’ve been waiting for!

Let me explain;

Often we, women, do not insist on commitment. We know we want it, but we are waiting patiently for the man to do all the work.

You may have heard that verbalizing your desire to have a committed relationship to a man who is not sure he wants a commitment with you is the fastest way to scare him off. This is very true. Men do not respond well to words, convincing, and pressure.

When you try to convince a man to commit to you at the wrong time by using the wrong language, you are pushing him away. There is a great danger to doing so. And if you use the strategies that you feel are the right ones to get a man to commit from a woman’s perspective, you are digging a grave for your relationship with your man!

There are things you can do to actively participate in making a man come to a decision to commit to you. As I say on This Page, in order for a man to want to give you commitment voluntarily it must be his idea.

But if you are like most women, you use the strategies and the words that could work on women, not on men!

This is why I teach you how to play an active role in your man’s decision-making process to make him come to this decision to commit to you on his own, without you nagging, convincing, or pressuring him.

But you have to be determined to get the commitment yourself. If you simply dilly-dally waiting patiently for your man to propose, you are shooting yourself in the foot!

A man will string you along as long as he possibly can unless you take control of your own life and create your own destiny to get everything you want in a relationship with a man!

I am giving you all the tools you will ever need to create your own destiny and the kind of a secure, committed relationship you’ve always wanted with your man!

Read This Page!

There are 5 tools that you can get right away to start taking your life in your own hands right now!

The 4 bonuses you are getting are only available for a very short time and will be taken down soon so if you want to stop the pain of not knowing where your relationship is going and where it’s going to be, get it right now before it’s too late!

It’s all right here – Commitment Secrets!

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7 Responses to “Use These 3 Subliminal Triggers To Make Him Commit To You”
  1. Eve says:

    Excellent article! I am very interested in the book also. I think this is exactly what I need right now in my situation. My boyfriend is sort of pulling away after being together for almost a year and I need to know what to do to fix this relationship so it’s like it was before. We were talking marriage etc. but now he’s changed his mind. I feel that he is not sure what he wants. Will this book help me with my problem? Please advise.


    • admin says:


      Thank you for your question. This book covers various topics about commitment including the ones that will guide you on what to do in your specific situation. When you read this book (and there are also 4 bonuses) you will be able to evaluate your specific situation and find out exactly what caused your relationship to go sour and specific things to fix each issue that’s causing your relationship to go bad. There are reasons why men won’t commit discussed in this book and how to go about fixing each and every one of them, so basically you will determine by reading this book what went wrong, where the shortcomings are, and how to fix each and every one of them.

      If your situation as you described, I don’t see why you would not be able to fix it after reading this book. You have to read the entire book and really take this information seriously.

      There are things that you will probably discover for the first time, and if you have read any of my other books you know that my advice is somewhat controvercial and different from what you will hear elsewhere, but I get emails from women saying that it has worked each and every time.

      This book is brand new as I have been teaching the things in this book only via private coaching before with exceptional success for my private clients. If you do decide to get it and use it please do send me an email about how it’s worked for you.


  2. Roxanne says:

    Elaine, I bought your other book on commitment “Guide to commitment” and I loved it. I was skeptical to buy it at first but I am very glad I did. After reading it I met the man I am currently dating and working hard not to repeat the same mistakes I have made in past relationships (and so far it’s been well worth it). I want to know if this new book you have mentioned in this article is different from Guide to commitment. I am open to learning more as it has proven to work already, but I want to know before I invest in this new program if the ideas presented in this new course are different from Guide to Commitment and how. If you could elaborate that would be great. I know there is always more to learn and to improve.

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your question. I am glad you asked.

      The new course is more in-depth and has a lot of new information, and more in-depth techniques and strategies based on the real facts about why men won’t commit and what prevents them from committing.

      There are hands-on strategies to use to defeat each and every one of the men’s biggest commitment fears discussed in great depth.

      I recommend that you read the description of this course on the page as you will see the topics discussed in this book, for instance, men’s greatest commitment fears, how to tell if a man will commit, how to tell a man will not commit, ten greatest reasons men don’t want to commit and how to counter each of them to show him you are the woman he can and should commit to, and more.

      The bonuses I am giving for free right now on that page have not been sold or shared anywhere else before. They are brand new, and the information in the bonuses is invaluable. I was contemplating selling them separately as standalone products but I am giving them away for free with purchase only for a limited time.

      By the way, thank you for your kind words and I am very glad you have been able to put the information in my other book to a good use.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  3. Jill says:

    I Just found out my boy friend Has been keeping secrete friendships with women I never knew about. I have been with him since March of 2008 and we live and are stiil together .
    I am a single mom and I do not want to be with a man who cheats on me. I am just looking for the truth.

  4. Leila says:

    i found this article through facebook… very good article. i will share it with my friends.thank you Leila

  5. Meg says:

    I read your first ebook Elaine, and applied it and it helped a lot. I’d like to get the other one too but I simply can’t afford it at the moment with all the holiday shopping…but my relationship is going really well since I’ve implemented your advice. I am really tempted to get your other book and maybe I will when I get my paycheck.

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