What Makes a Man Stay In Love

July 12, 2012 by  
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This article is for women who want to know what makes a man stay in love.

This article is for you if:

– You want to know why men act like they are in love (and you can truly FEEL the intensity of his feelings) and then leave you out in the cold without an explanation

– You want to know why a man can be completely taken by you and then never follow up with you

– You want to know why a man will confess his undying love and devotion, talk about marriage, and then act like it never happened

– You want to know why a man can be with you for years never asking you to marry him and then turn around and marry another woman who is completely wrong for him

– You want to understand men better and learn how to use their NATURAL INSTINCTS to get a man and KEEP HIM!

After years of research, gathering and processing data, and backing it up by science I have come to the conclusion that what makes a man stay in love with a woman endlessly is his natural instincts.

I am not talking about the basic instincts such as food, shelter, procreation, and such. It turns out that every man has a specific set of instincts that are embedded into his brain. Those are instincts that make a man on a subconscious level want to stay with woman (or not).

This set of instincts is what triggers the feeling of love in the first place. And they are also his evolutionary triggers that make a man pull away from the relationship, resist love and withdraw completely.

Those are the triggers that cause men to go hot and cold, and to create a so-called bungee cord effect, which is what happens in a lot of relationships when a man acts like he likes you and then pulls away, when he says he loves you and then disappears!

Women have a natural ability to trigger those instincts unwittingly. They don’t actually do anything at all to trigger those instincts in a man. The important thing to realize here is that depending on which of his natural instincts you trigger will determine the outcome of your relationship! When you trigger all the wrong ones, the outcome will be a break up, or your relationship will go on and on forever in an endless cycle never progressing toward commitment!

At the same time, there are natural instincts that make a man fall in love with a certain type of woman, and make him want to stay with that woman forever!

Some women have this unique ability to trigger the right ones. Those are the women who end up in happy marriages that last a life time. On the other hand, many women have absolutely no idea how to trigger those hot psychological buttons that make a man attracted to a woman, make him fall in love with her, and make him want to stay with her forever and commit to her.

In fact, if you have been reading popular women’s magazines that teach you how to be a great catch and followed their advice, I have to tell you that the reason you are experiencing challenges catching and keeping a man for good is because you have followed this kind of harmful advice.

Let me ask you this,

– Have you ever heard that the best way to catch and keep a man is to be independent?

– Have you ever learned that a woman should have a full and complete life in order to attract a man?

– Have you ever learned that a woman should be incredibly good looking in order to keep a man’s attention or attract someone new?

– Have you ever followed the latest fashion because you thought it could help you catch a man?

I can continue this list ad nauseum. And if you have read these kind of dating tips and are still not happy about the way your love life is going right now, you know it doesn’t work! Sure, it’s nice to dress up and do your nails when you go out on a date, but will it help you keep a man?

If anything, it will help you get the attention of any straight single man, but how long can you keep it? That’s the question.

You can also try to impress your man by telling him all about your wonderful, full and exciting life and bore him to death with its amazing details.

Who cares?

And if you are now wondering how come a man doesn’t call you after you’ve told him all about your latest promotion on the job, made him gourmet dinner, gave him a massage after a night of passion, impressed him with your knowledge of the arts and your fashion sense, then I need to tell you that none of those things truly matter when it comes to getting a keeping a man in love!

What it really comes down to is whether you know how to trigger his natural instincts deeply embedded into his brain cortex.

Those are the instincts a man carries throughout his life often not knowing that they exist, and yet, they affect his life decisions, and how he feels about things that come into his life, including women, and specifically YOU!

See, a human brain is divided into several different parts. There are four main parts of the brain – the Reptile Brain, the Mammal Brain, the Primal Brain, and the Human Brain. It is also very well known that a man’s and a woman’s brain parts are very different in function and even the structure. They are even different in that the emotional part of the woman’s brain is much more developed, and not only that, it receives eight times more the blood flow that that same part of the man’s brain.

When you look at it that way, the differences between men and women start to become more clear.

At the same time, if you think about the reasons why men are more goal oriented than women, this is because in the hunter-gatherer society men had a clearly defined goal – which was to kill the pray and get the food on the table to feed the tribe. So, when a man is trying to help his woman solve her problem, he is acting based on his natural instinct rather than on his human part of the brain. Thus his actions are mainly determined by his natural instincts. Men have a multitude of instincts that make them want certain things and pull away from other things.

The bad this is that they can’t control how they respond to certain things, whether they feel drawn toward them on a subconscious level or run away from them.

The GOOD thing, however, is that when you understand those instincts, how they work, and what each one of them does, YOU can guide YOUR MAN to do what you want him to do, and the best of all is that he will be convinced that it is HIS IDEA!

And if you want to learn how to affect those natural instinctive triggers in a man’s brain listen closely here, because what I reveal to you here is going to change your whole perspective on love and relationships.

The great thing about learning about men’s natural instincts is that not only will you UNDERSTAND MEN, you will also know EXACTLY how to guide your man’s natural instincts to inspire and encourage him to give you the love you desire, the commitment and devotion you want so bad!

We are going to start with one of the very basic instinct which I call the R-Instinct.

There are a lot more, and the knowledge I am going to give you is far more advanced that this, but for starters, let’s look at what knowing about the R-Instinct can do for you!

The R-Instinct is a natural instinct that all men have. Some men have a very developed and prominent R-Instinct. Others have it developed to a smaller degree. However, all men have it!

And this is just one of the instincts that you can start using today to turn the tables around on him and to literally start getting what you want in your relationship whether it is attracting a man you like, getting your man show signs of progression toward something more serious, making your boyfriend want to commit to marriage, making your man step up to the plate and give you a REAL RELATIONSHIP, which is committed, publicly acknowledged, devoted couple-hood!

Here is what R-Instinct alone can do for you:

– It can make a man FALL IN LOVE with a woman

– It can make your ex want you again

– It can make a man feel differently around you, and unlike he’s ever felt before with any other woman!

I will show you how to use a set of man’s R-Instinct and his other natural instincts that are already programmed into his subconsciousness to show him that you are the one for him!

He will subconsciously FEEL and know that you are the one woman he’s been looking for!

If you:

– Want to get your man to take your relationship to the next level

– Want to make a man fall desperately in love with you

– Want your man to commit to you and think it’s his idea

– Want to rekindle the love a man once had for you

– Want to get back together with your ex no matter how long you’ve been broken up

– Want to make your man step up to the plate and act like a REAL BOYFRIEND

– Want to REGAIN CONTROL of your love life and PUT TO REST ALL YOUR WORRIES in a relationship

I have a step-by-step course that will teach you:

How to use a man’s R-Instinct

– How a man’s S-Instinct Prevents Him From Making a Commitment to a Woman and How to Use It to Make Him COMMIT TO YOU (this instinct has NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX and no part of woman’s sexuality is involved here!)

– How to use men’s other natural instincts to guide his to the relationship of your dreams!


– How to MAKE HIM DO ANYTHING YOU WANT and make him think it’s all HIS IDEA!

And much more… I have it for you right here in the brand new course, and you can try this course RIGHT NOW for ONLY $1! NO RISK! NO OBLIGATION!

You may be thinking I am out of my mind. And you know what, I may change my mind, but today for a limited time (until my mood changes, which can happen any time on a whim) I am offering you a trial subscription to my course for only $1!

Get The Man & Keep Him Course

A Complete Course on How To Use a Man’s Natural Instincts to Make Him Feel and Do What YOU Want

Let me tell you about what you are going to learn in this course:

– One text message BASED ON THE CONCEPT OF THE R-INSTINCT that my client sent to her ex boyfriend that IMMEDIATELY GOT HIS ATTENTION and made him call her and text her like crazy, and how she went from that single text message to GETTING HIM BACK (they are still together)

– The in-depth explanation of what the R-INSTINCT is and why all the common sense relationship advice you read in women’s magazines is mostly completely wrong

– The natural instincts and bio-chemical processes of the brain that make a man act as if he is in love when he actually isn’t, and how to tell if he really is in love or is faking in

– Why men don’t seem to be interested in a long term relationships on instinctual level & How to Use Men’s Natural Instincts To Inspire a Man To Be a Better Boyfriend

– Which One The Men’s Basic Natural Instincts Gets Triggered When You Start Asking a Man Where This Relationship Is Going


– How to Reverse and Use This Same Instinct to Make Him Want a Serious Relationship, and not only that, but also to Make Him Attach That Desire For a Serious Relationship To You so that he won’t even think about being in a relationship with any other woman!

Why men pull away in the early stages of a relationship, and how a man uses his natural biological instincts to determine if you are the one HE WANTS TO KEEP

– How to encourage a man to be COMPLETELY HONEST WITH YOU at all times, and to tell you HOW HE FEELS about anything including you and your relationship with him

– How to use a set of men’s NATURAL INCTINCTS to KEEP A MAN FOREVER

– How to use a man’s natural instincts to make him see YOU as THE ONE for HIM!

– How to use his natural instincts to guide him to BECOME YOUR BOYFRIEND OR A HUSBAND

And much more!

When you SUBSCRIBE TODAY you will receive lessons from this course on a weekly basis. Each subsequent lesson will be delivered to you every seven days from the date of your subscription.

You can subscribe and try this course today for only $1. When you subscribe today for only $1 for the first 3 days you will INSTANTLY RECEIVE the first lesson of this course. You can always cancel your subscription at any time to avoid future billing.

You will have 3 days to check out this $1 trial subscription. If you decide to keep receiving lessons of this course, you will be billed $7.95 for the first week following the end of your three-day $1 trial, and every week thereafter in the same amount. The subscription is only $7.95/week, which is roughly ONLY A BUCK A DAY and you can stop your subscription at any time to avoid future billings!

As long as you continue your subscription you will receive one lesson of this course per week.

You can subscribe with your PayPal account or a major credit card.

IMPORTANT: Your billing will show a change from our company Creative Consulting Solutions – it will NOT show the name of this subscription!

VERY IMPORTANT: When you subscribe for your three-day subscription trial and immediately after your payment you will need to click on the link Return to Creative Consulting Solutions on the screen you will see after you complete your payment which will then take you to a secure page where you will need to put your name and e-mail into the subscription form and hit Submit. After you do so, please check your email in the next 5 minutes to find our subscription confirmation message. Open that message, click on the confirmation link and you will receive the first lesson IMMEDIATELY in your email inbox.

The second email will arrive after 7 days, and the following emails will arrive every 7 days unless you cancel your subscription. Once you cancel your subscription you will stop receiving lessons from this course.

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14 Responses to “What Makes a Man Stay In Love”
  1. Jenny says:

    I just subscribed and read the first lesson. Very informative! Look forward to learning more!

  2. Ada says:

    thanks for this great info! I enjoyed reading the first lesson and can’t wait to get the next one!

  3. Linda page says:

    I have been friends with this particular man for about 7 or 8 years. We were deeply involved things happened so quickly.He was separated from his wife she left him and apart of me feels because she hurt him he wants to hurt other women. Which I don’t think is fair. I was not the cause of his marriage falling apart. That’s something that I can’t see myself doing to anyone. I am a better woman than that we got involved after the fact. Mind you he is a very sweet man I still carry a lot of love for this man. He told me a lot about his situation. He has two children by his wife I love them dearly I made sure that his kids never went without anything because I knew it was hard on him. I was there when no one else was. To make a long story short he moved away and now everything has changed. We argue a lot, we stay mad about something all the time.I know that he has a friend now he told me this. I can accept that. But I just don’t understand how he just forget about me we still keep in touch but it’s once or twice every month and he seldom calls or text me anymore. He can have his friends or whoever all I want is respect which is due to me. I feel that is only fair. He told me he loved me and care about me when he was here now all that has changed. I want to remain friends with him even though he treats me this way. Apart of me wants to let go and another part is telling me to hang in there. I feel that he hasn’t been shown love that’s why it’s so hard for him to commit. You can’t give something that you don’t have.I feel he just doesn’t know how to love.so therefore he does not know how to commit himself to anyone. Need Advice,,,,,,,

    • Angel says:

      He Used you, making you pay the price for HIS problems anmd hes a cad!
      a piece of sh$% ! dont answer his calls, if you do tell him, party over spuds! tell him u not to blame 4 his problems,,,, n that you are a good woman n dont deserve this CR*p! tell him to become a man n to respect ou, that u not interested in a a BABY! that he should wake up n smell the coffee,,,,,,,, n blow him off!
      I can Assure you that ALL my exes wanted to come back w me, bad idea,,,,,,, good luck, be strong, you will find someone who appreciates u for what u are, but Only if what you do for him is reciprocated,,,, this jerk doesnt respect you cos u did too much for him n he did too littlle for you!!! got it,! men need to help n feel useful, from opening a bottle of wine or a jar etc makes em feel ” manly” that what they want n need to feel useful, manly, helfpuful even if they give shitty advice, it what they want to know if they handy, usefull, helpful, if you dont ask 4 help, they think u dont need em,,,,,,,,,,,,
      we all know we dont need em but, lol,,,,,,,, part of the show! lol

    • Avery says:

      Sorry to give you the wake up call. Dear I just went thru the same situation. Let me share it w/ you. Mine had been married for about 5-6 years to the perfect woman as he described her (an ex Miss X Place on Earth). Things ended when he came home unexpectedly after one of his many work trips and found her in their bed with another man. He told me he would make every other woman pay for his pain. He was totally distrustful, in deep pain and couldn’t understand the treason. That’s when we reunited (had been junior high classmates and the was my senior prom date). After months of phone calls, texting and even visits (he lives in another town) he was called to Irak and the same night that we said good bye he told me he wasn´t ready for any relationship that it wasn’t me but him. I wrote every nite to him getting no answer back but I didn’t care. I thought that he had too much work, that he might be incommunicated, etc. I wanted him to know that he could indeed trust me and that I would never do to him the same as his exwife did. Then one night in a social network he changed his relationship status from single to ina relationship. Off course I got excited!!!! But said nothing and patienly waited for him to break the good news to me (I was certain that the change meant ME). 15 minutes later one of his friends said: I’m so happy, thanks for pleasing me!!! You know how I felt at the time. So I said by to him and stopped the daily messages. About 2 months later she wrote that she was unhappy, needless to say that something had happened. However, I was still very much in love and wanted to make sure he was doing ok (it scared me that he would be one of the soldiers commiting suicide) so I kept in touch w/ his mom. Nine months later we contacted as we were both using a chat service. He told me he didn’t like for us to be distant and he never again wanted that to happen. That he had had a thing with his friend but had been long time ago and they met again but nothing came out of it. That when he explained that the relationship change had not been for her that´s when she blocked him from the social media. (Does it make sense that he explains something 2 months later??? Not to me) To finish my story promptly, I lost my mother, my father and my only living grandparent (my 100 yrs old grandmother) within 3 yrs and he was a no show. Also, at this time I am unemployed and there was a vacancy at his job for which I was qualified and he said nothing to me. When I found out I aksed him (out of courtesy) and he took his time to answer. Whenever he dissapeared, become distant and stopped visiting or calling he would say that: we have been too busy (his excuses would always include me). But the pics in his social page showed him going to concerts, dinning out with other women, riding his motorcycle alone and acompained, having people over, and lots of spare time on his life. Finally, ten days after my grandma’s passing I found the strength to write him a nice letter telling him how dissapointed at him I was, because he had promised as a friend that he would always be by strength and my rock that I could count on, and letting him know that I was leaving his life. He did not answer, and to tell you the truth I feel relieved ’cause now I can see clearly that he was not my friend (therefore couldn’t be my love), that every time he said I like you, I love you or Mama was a copy cat of the way he behaved and the things he said to every other woman in his life. So, my dear, I hope my long story (sorry, but the details were important this time) can be of any help to you. At the end it will be your decision but the truth is: if it looks like, smells like, and sounds like then IT IS… Do not waste any more of your precious and valuable time and energy. You are worthy of only great things, but you have to make space for them to come to you (just as you do when cleaning the closets or the drawers).

  4. Ariana says:

    i visit your website everyday and i read all of your articles. just subscribed to your course and read my first lesson. i have to say it’s packed with information and a lot of it was a true revelation for me as i’ve never came across this info anywhere else. can’t wait to learn more!

  5. Erna says:

    i’m grateful for the given information

  6. Daniela says:

    I got the first lesson and I have to say it was eye-opening. I’ve seen this happen in situations but I wasn’t aware it was a natural instinct. I will try to use it more. Look forward to the next lesson!

  7. Denise says:

    really impressed! everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. it contains true information. very useful.

  8. Deborah says:

    i signed up, it’s the best information for me..thanks so much for making this available!

  9. Cristine says:

    I have to say the first lesson is really informative. Look forward to more lessons!

  10. carol says:

    How many weeks long is this course?

  11. carol says:

    how many weeks is this course?

  12. cacafaca says:

    So many guidances for girls, dont you think? I followed and read so much. Every offer the same , still I wonder? What is different? What is everything not so step by step …do you really think there are cook books for relationships?

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