What That Means When He Gives You Mixed Signals

September 19, 2010 by  
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Why does he give me mixed signals? and what that means when a guy gives you mixed signals are frequently asked questions I hear a lot. Both men and women are equally capable of giving mixed signals, however despite a woman’s better intuition it is usually the guy that picks up on a woman’s mixed signals and interprets them clearly and accurately, while the women are left puzzled wondering what men mixed signals mean.

This is why I want to explain to you exactly what’s going on in the guy’s head when he gives you mixed signals.

First, let’s establish what mixed signals are. Mixed signals are the type of behavior that is inconsistent and confusing. For example, a man and a woman get together; they are happy to see each other and they have a great time together. After spending some wonderful time together and close physical intimacy filled with passion the man disappears from the woman’s life as if nothing has happened, nearly pretending that their passionate encounter did not mean a thing.

However, as soon as the woman starts to get over the disappearing guy he re-appears with the newfound passion and they have a great time again.

And this goes on and on like a roller coaster.

Why can’t he be consistent? What’s going on?

I will explain this in a moment, but first I want you to imagine something. Let’s say you meet a nice guy who is fun to be with and who treats you like gold. You would like for him to be the one, but unfortunately your heart is just not in it. But because he is so nice to you and your time together is fun and filled with laughter, or perhaps in the back of your mind you appreciate the good things he is giving you, the good time he is showing you, and maybe even some perks and gifts, you continue seeing him.

In his opinion because you spend a great time together and he likes you he starts to think that something serious may be developing. He starts calling you more and asking you out more; he starts to behave as if you are a couple. And that’s when the problems start. You don’t want to be tied up in a relationship with a man who isn’t in your heart. You still want to see him because it’s fun to be with him and you have a good time, perhaps you have a lot in common and you like to have interesting conversations with him, or maybe he listens to you and you need someone who will listen when you talk about something you are passionate about. He meets some of your needs and you don’t want to lose him because of that. However you know that he is not what you are looking for. You don’t feel in love with that man.

So, when things get heated and you feel that he is crazy sick in love with you and erroneously assumes that you are getting serious about him, you withdraw. His strong feelings for you scare you and you want to put breaks on the fast paced development of the kind of a relationship you don’t really welcome wholeheartedly.

At this time you may even tell him you want to take it slow, you are not ready for anything serious, and you have other priorities in your life that prevent you from committing to one man, and that basically you are just not at the point in your life where you are ready for anything serious. You do this for two reasons – you don’t want to lose his companionship and friendship, and the good times he shows you; you also are afraid of hurting his feelings, so you just hope he’ll get the hint.

And men do get the hint. Trust me on that.

However it is much harder for a woman to accept that when a man is giving her mixed signals what that really means is that he is not into her all that much. He keeps looking, but doesn’t want to lose her in the process because she ain’t bad either, just not good enough to make a permanent commitment to. The grass is always greener, and frankly we don’t ever want to get short-changed in relationship; we always want to make sure that we get the best deal whether it comes to buying something or even more so getting a partner. But wait! YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! And make him FEEL DEEPLY as you are The One for him! Read This Page To Learn How To>>>

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17 Responses to “What That Means When He Gives You Mixed Signals”
  1. SHAY says:


    • admin says:


      Why would you date a married man? And why does he give you money?

      The fact that he gives you money, and especially that he gives you money on a certain schedule is disturbing!

      This tells me he treats you like a hooker.

      Don’t be delusional; he’s got an arrangement that works for him; he gives you money – this is what men do when they hire a hooker!


    • Jessica says:

      Ummm….that’s just messed up!!!! Why don’t you move on. Put yourself in the women that he’s married to shoes. How would you fill if your husbanddad was seeing another women being! And its just WRONG!!!!!

  2. Hottentott says:

    Hey Shay

    I think you need to take a close look at what is going on between you and your married man. Sounds like he is paying for a service or at least treating/seeing you that way.

    Why would you want to be with a married man anyway? As elaine says “stop being delusional”

  3. Charter says:

    Awesome post paul, it’s been a long-time since I’ve been on here. I see that nobody has lost their passion. Good to be back.

  4. rala says:

    t’s such a tickety-boo site. fabulous, quite fascinating!!!

  5. Matthew says:

    I have not been back for any although. wow has the discussion taken off. marco are fantastic contributors. I’m writing nicely knowledgeable publish now. Post later currently. Great work!

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  7. Turber says:

    I have been back here 3 times now and am absolutely loving the energy on this discussion. Thanks for a great outlet to read high quality information.

  8. Pudao boonnao says:

    Hi I need help !!! Am 42 yers old. Still looked like 27 yers old . And I going to divorce soon with my ex. His younger that me and I think his can’t talk care me well . So I fall in love with my boy friend his was 47 yers old . Divored and single now. I like him very much . His is the king of man that I want to be with . But his don’t sound to commiting to me so far ..;(. Unti I f
    Meet another man his 49 got 3 kids ,, live in pairs his love me so much .. His asking me to marry him
    But his got so many Kids so I don’t like to talk care kids!! What shilf I do ???

  9. Noor says:

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  10. Dove says:

    Hi i just want to ask some questions please,and hope to have answers. Ive been with a guy for one year and 8 months distance relationship which we never saw each other phisically before.then we met(one month) in his country and agreed on each other and to get married. I think he is the aloof/disinterested type. He is a nice guy generally. But im not sure if he loves me.he never told me that i luv u except on a fight we had at the distance time. We agreed we never had sex,we are both religious. U said the sure way a guy is in luv with u is his time. He doesnt call often or txt so it means he doesnt think abt me a lot. Well, he told me that he had wanted to propose to a girl he loved but he was late and she got married, i
    that hurt me but i didnt show that to him neither did i asked him abt her often, he said he told me abt her coz he started forgetting abt her, after like one year from our relationship. Thanks, i appreciate u listening and i wanna tell u that i never loved before and i am not changing him.

  11. Nunu says:

    Met a guy at work, felt instant attraction. I think he did to. a coworker and mutual friend suggested to play matchmaker ( I havent worked there as long, they are good friends). Fast forward to two months ago and he got the boot. I was sad, and my coworker offeredat again to matchmake so I thought about it and lTer accepted her help. She said ok but later told me she talked to him and bc he makes little money that he cant do a relationship rt now. Anyway, I attended a gathering where he was and we discovered we have a lot in common. He gave me lots of complements but didnt try anything, ask me out nothing. He said expenses r hard rt now, but I never implied that I expected him to shower me with ruches or that im that type. He has always given me compliments. And I have caught him checking me out. He’ s not even my type, but I cant stop thinking about him.normally the money issue would be a dealbreaker, but hasnt changed my feelings. If I knew for certain his feelings, I could move forward. Could someone please give me an honest opinion? Im stuck in emotional limbo.

  12. Deborah says:

    thanks for posting your articles so often, every day i access your website and check for updates

  13. Laura says:

    Guys help!I seem to attract a lot of players. They normally start off with ‘you’re so different to other girls. You speak your mind a lot and I like it’. We normally start off dating for about 3-4 weeks. But within that 3-4 weeks there would be a lot of mixed signals. They would introduce me to their friends like ‘Guys this is Laura’ but that’s it. The most recent one was ‘this girl here is a beaut isn’t she’ and he hugged me then started talking to his friends for hours (laughing at stupid jokes etc). There’s one little clitch. I come across as an easy girl to get with but in fact I’m as stubborn as a mule when it comes to sexual relations. I somehow always get dumped through text, facebook, or IM. It’s never face to face. It always leaves me wondering what I did wrong and crying about it for weeks. I am a stubborn girl when it comes to letting people get close to my heart but when I do they stay there. I guess what I’m wondering is how do I stop attracting these kind of guys that pretend they’re nice but really there not? Thanks for your help!!

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