What To Say To a Man To Make Him Fall Madly In Love With You and Specific Words To Say To Him To Make Him Crazy About You

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Have you ever wondered if there are any secret words or sentences you can say to your man to make him fall madly and desperately in love with you? If you think this is magic, I have a secret I will share with you; there are actually things that you can say to your man or even whisper in his ear that will make his head spin and feel intoxicating and all-encompassing love toward you!

I have pages and pages of the things to say and do that with every time you use them will increase his love toward you, and you can find all of my most closely guarded secrets and the special words to say to your man that will make him fall madly in love with you! Sign up for my free newsletters to learn the best tips and advice on how to make a guy fall in love and receive a free report “10 Ways To Make a Man Fall In Love” immediately in your email inbox – just type in your email address in the form down below and hit Submit!


But right here I will give you a sneak-peak preview on the powerful things you can say to your man that will make his head spin and make his heart beat faster feeling a powerful surge of attraction and love toward you, and you can start putting these incredibly powerful techniques into practice today, even right now to jump-start the process of making your man fall deeply and desperately in love with you!

And here is the biggest secret of all when it comes to making a guy fall in love with you:

The biggest secret to making a man fall in love with you is in making him feel good around you. And when you say certain things to a man, he will feel that you are unique and special, like no other woman he’s ever met before!

And I am going to tell you right in this article what to say to your man to make him feel like no other woman ever made him feel before!

But first, I will tell you what NOT to say to a man, and what you should NEVER say to a man, and the biggest mistake of all that women make that makes a man withdraw and leave the woman he is with.

What You Should NEVER Say To a Man

The biggest mistake women make in communicating with their men is being sarcastic! Saying things to your man with sarcasm is the fastest way to drive him away!

You may not notice, but many women make this mistake unwittingly.

And if you’ve never thought about it, you may want to look at your communication models with your man and ask yourself, Have I ever said anything to him with sarcasm? You may find to your surprise that you have. And when you think about it and about his reaction to it, you will see that after you have said those words to him he seemed withdrawn.

And here is an example:

Tina and James make plans for Sunday. They are supposed to go to an art gallery.

James tells Tina he is going to play gold at the country club early in the morning and tells her to give him a call when she wakes up.

Tina calls James at 8:30 in the morning and leaves a message saying she is awake.

James calls her back at 9:30 to tell her he’s got three more holes left to play and he’ll call her when he is done.

It is now 11 am and James calls Tina back.

Tina’s greeting: “It must be a large gold course; it took you an hour and a half to play three holes!”

Do you hear sarcasm in Tina’s comment?

Why did she have to say that?

Tina was frustrated because she wanted to leave earlier. She had assumed James would be done sooner. When he calls her, she is already frustrated and she makes a sarcastic comment putting him down.

How does that make him feel?

It makes him feel like he is a failure because:

–          He failed to make her happy

–          He is no good at competitive sports

–          His woman thinks he is no good as a man

This woman does not make her man feel good. She makes him feel like a loser and a failure.

Now, imagine James meets a woman named Beth. Beth makes everyone feel good. Assuming the same scenario happening between James and Beth, when James calls Beth back, she does not give him crap about taking too long to call. Instead she is happy and cheerful.

She says to him: “WOW! You must be shooting under par because I haven’t even finished my breakfast and you are already on your way! No worries; take your time!”

What Beth just did, she showed:

  1. Appreciation
  2. She made him feel like a winner
  3. She gave him a subtle compliment on his golfing skills (she praised him on being a winner at competitive sports)
  4. She made him feel special

And this is just one example of how you can make a man feel so wonderful that he will feel very special emotions about you. And if you want more specific examples of what to say to your man to make him feel powerful surges of love toward you every time you say them, to learn how to talk to your man so that he will feel you are someone very unique and special, and how to communicate with your man so that with every beat of his heart he falls deeper and deeper in love with you and wants to be with you forever, read This Page>>>

Sign up now to learn 10 secrets to making a man fall in love with you – Just type in your email address in the form below and hit Submit!

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23 Responses to “What To Say To a Man To Make Him Fall Madly In Love With You and Specific Words To Say To Him To Make Him Crazy About You”
  1. tim says:

    i see what you did there

  2. nick.saelli says:

    It is certainly right

  3. tiffany says:

    Dont say i love u first

    • David says:

      Why not? What if the guy is to affraid to tell you first? I know I was, and when she said it after 1 1/2 together It put me at ease and I replied back to her instantly and we say it to each other all the time even for no reason what so ever.

  4. tiffany says:

    Dont say Do u love cause he might say no

  5. Iva says:

    If women have to be cheerleaders to “get” guys, they are best off just sleeping with the ones they find hot and not worrying about commitment.

  6. Jade says:

    3 words to make any guy love you…

    No. Gag. Reflex.


  7. JAmie says:

    NAh….where is help WHAT TO say??? This article is wrote superficially. 🙁

  8. catherine says:

    I think this article is full of it. Im one of the most sarcastic, talkative, smart asses you will ever meet. And i have been told by every guy i have ever dated thats what they love about me. You can be sarcasatic without putting people down, and in that scenerio i would acted exactly as thes first women had. If you are a sarcastic person such as myself then hopfully by the time your ina relationship with a guy he already knows tht about you, and knows not to take it to personaly. Dont change yourself for some guy just because he srewed up and cant take a joke.

    • admin says:


      There is a difference between sarcasm directed toward the person you are talking to and sarcasm directed toward a third party. There is also a big difference in HOW you say it – whether you say it like you mean it, or say it playfully, etc.

      This article addresses a woman who was being clearly derrogatory toward her man.

      If the men you’ve dated love when someone is degrading them and puts them down, perhaps they need a shrink, NOT a girlfriend. They have some serious issues.

    • jessica says:

      That is so true, if the guy knows you then he shouldn’t take it personally. 😛

    • David says:

      My g/f has you beat in that area. She is the most sarcastic person ive ever met, but im crazy about her. She dont work, and when I come home from work I start doing the dishes, and preparing dinner. While dinners cooking I will start the house work, and laundry. After every things done she will come into the kitchen grab a fork, and start complaining it feels a little greasy. She will dump all the dishes back in the sink and start insulting. I want to tell her why dont she get off her butt and do some work, but in the same breath I dont mind doing it because it keeps my mind busy. Anyone have a clue what I should do?

      • Jo says:

        @David: You know what to do. But then, you will not try any of those things yet and nothing will ever work, because as you have said, “I’m crazy about her.” There’s always a time for everything. And you know it when it’s time.

  9. Edelina says:

    interesting and informative post thanks a lot for posting it.

  10. shari says:

    Where are the real men?

  11. Aimara says:

    what are the 9 words to say to a man to make him fall in love with you?

  12. Beth says:

    Please give me some words to get my ex boyfriend back from another woman

  13. darkocean says:

    It all boils down to kindness. If your kind be so in everything you do and say.

  14. nana says:

    It,s my 1st time to have realation with a guy,after 1 month I want to make him crazy and mad about me.
    Every one says not to hang with him but I CANT.I really want to be with him. ILOVE to sex with him and gave him the best I could so that he said I WAS SO GOOD (11out of 10!!) but after that nothing happen!
    Am I do something wrong? He knows my familly and he knows I have been with no one ells in my life.

    • David says:

      by the sounds of it he might of used you for one thing only. Some guys will say your great, but when they get with there friends they talk about how bad it was. Has anything happened yet? Dont rush to bed to quickly for if you want to make a guy crazy about you. You need to tease him and make him want you with his heart, and not his root.

  15. David says:

    They need to come out with a book. How to read a female in 10 easy steps.

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