Why Men Disappear When They Get Overwhelmed By Emotions

August 2, 2011 by  
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Have you ever experienced a man disappear on you after your relationship seemingly took a turn for something more serious than just casual dating?

Have you ever felt that your man was totally smitten by you, but he disappeared without any explanation?

Have you ever tried to talk to a man who became distant and withdrawn only hear him say “I don’t know what is wrong but I just feel differently” or “I am just not sure what I want” or “I don’t know if I am ready for a relationship right now?

If you have, you are not alone. In fact, many women have experienced something similar in their lives.

So, why do men sometimes turn around completely and go from madly in love to being unsure about how they feel about the relationship?

I am going to help you solve this mystery right in this article so you’ll never again will have to live through all the anxiety of having a man disappear on you for no apparent reason.

When a woman first meets a man, the dynamics of a new dating relationship is pretty straightforward – the man is pursuing the woman, the woman is accepting the man’s advances.

At this time he is actively seeing her out.

The woman is pretty confident in herself knowing that she is being sought after. She enjoys the man’s attention and adoration.

As time goes by however, the woman begins to like the man more and more. This is when she begins to question how he truly feels about her.

She starts asking herself, “is it serious about me?” “Does he want anything more than casual dating?” “Where is this relationship going?”

Not knowing the answers she feels more and more unsure about where the relationship is going. She becomes anxious and loses her composure.

She turns from a confident self-assured person into an insecure, uncertain, needy girlfriend who needs validation and reassurance on a level that’s much higher than what she is getting from her man.

He still likes her, but he starts to sense that something has changed about her, and he can’t put a finger on it, but he is feeling as if she was somehow different. And not in a good way.

We all know that the Number One quality men find irresistibly attractive in women is confidence. But being unsure about how the man feels about their relationship makes her confidence level plummet.

She becomes overly emotional, acting sometimes moody or upset. She becomes unpredictable in a way she is acting. Some of the man’s actions or words are perceived in a way that makes her upset, not talkative, and even makes her want to cry.

On the other hand, the man does not understand her emotions. All he knows is that she used to be a confident, self-assured person who was a lot of fun to be around. Now he starts seeing her as a needy, insecure, overly emotional girlfriend who is burdened by negative emotions.

Men aren’t intuitive as women when it comes to emotions. They don’t understand them as well as we do, and they certainly don’t want to deal with something they can’t relate to and identify with.

Men find emotions overbearing, and the only solution they can find in this situation is to step completely out of it, because this is all they can do. Men prefer removing themselves from the situation rather than dealing with something they can’t explain or solve.

If you have ever found yourself in a situation similar to this, and the experience described here is familiar to you, there is still a chance you can fix your relationship gone sour because of your insecurities, get the man who walked away interested in you again with renewed passion, solidify your existing relationship with your man, or even prevent this situation from happening in the future.

All you need to do is learn how to become more confident with men by utilizing the confidence tips you will find on this page ==> Confidence Advice For Women

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4 Responses to “Why Men Disappear When They Get Overwhelmed By Emotions”
  1. Erika says:

    I am very happy with the superb information you provide on Why Men Disappear When They Get Overwhelmed By Emotions …. I am confident many individuals just like me will benefit by reading this information. I will make sure to bookmark this website.

  2. Karyn says:

    If men do disappear because they are overwhelmed by emotions (an other life pressures as well) – what steps can a woman take to try and turn that particular situation around?? I am unfortunately not in a position to purchase the e-book. I am in an unique situation – the gentleman is a man of high integrity, kind, soft spoken and is able to express his emotions, owns a business that is international (so hours and travel are crazy). Wants to keep in touch and has faith we can work something out. He wants(ed) to pursue this from the get go (not me) and never came on strong like a “Casanova” However, about a month ago I “terrorized” him with emails out of frustration (I know) – wrote one last one about 2.5 weeks ago. I decided no contact from me at this point is best. He has not initiated anything in one month. It is not unusual to not to hear from him for days or a couple weeks. But I think I pushed him away for good. This is also a long distance relationship. He is not married and truly no one else in the picture but his company (he is married to his work). I fell hard – my heart is breaking – I know time is my only remedy.
    I was considering sending a very brief hello, how are you message at the end of the month. I would have never guessed he would have disappeared without saying something as he is such a gentleman. In fact he said after we met he could have been gone with the wind when he left the States but he didn’t. We communicate(d) by Skype. Sex was not involved. But there is a very strong physical attraction and he admitted an emotional attraction as well which I mirror. Plans were being discussed to bring me over to England for a visit. My intuition and my heart tell me not to give up but…..I am feeling a bit silly keeping the faith as he tells me to. It has been about 5 months. Any comments or suggestions?? We are both in our mid to late 40’s
    I am actually not sure why I am writing as this is my first time posting anything on a message board.
    Thanks in advance to any one that comments

    • Karyn says:

      P.S. Just did a little more reading on the site and I did lose my confidence which attracted him and became very insecure. I know this is one of the reasons men leave. How do you turn this situation around when you live thousands of miles apart??

  3. Nicole says:

    First off, this is conmpletely one-sided and geared towards the man’s needs. Which is hilarious and sad since a woman wrote it. Women do not immediately become needy, insecure messes as soon as we like a man. What happens is that we question them – and if they openly discuss what they are looking for – it’s the woman’s choice to stay or go – BUT most men don’t do this. They want to have options. So they avoid giving real answers to how they feel, or turn on the woman for even daring to ask – and if she doesn’t fall for his avoidance game, and demands more – he runs. The bottom line? HE WAS NOT THE RIGHT GUY. There’s no game you can play to keep him, and even if there was – who wants to play games? LET HIM GO. And don’t fall for crap sites and books like this that tell how it’s YOUR fault. It isn’t. People make billions off women’s insecurities – but the bigger crime is letting them. Believe in yourself. Not a friggin e-book.

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