Why You Keep Attracting The Wrong Men

August 24, 2010 by  
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Do you ever wonder why in the world with all these available single guys you keep attracting the wrong ones?

It’s not that you can’t attract a man, it’s just that every time it is the WRONG MAN

Have you ever thought of that?

You keep attracting the wrong type of guys, and can’t seem to meet the man to settle down with.

I know this for a fact that many times women settle for less than they deserve.

Are you settling for less than you deserve because A man, ANY man is better than being single?

And when a man is not up to par you keep making excuses for him.

Perhaps he did not offer to help you move the furniture when you were moving into a new apartment. All your friends came to help, but he told you he would be busy that day, which was Sunday. Yeah, right.

And you make excuse after excuse. Oh yeah, he is just tired; he is just busy; he just doesn’t have time for me; he is just lazy, etc.

Have you ever done this?

Or perhaps you met a guy who you weren’t particularly attracted to but you went out with him anyway, and after a number of dates you still feel that there is no attraction on your part; but you think that dating SOME GUY is better than being alone because at least you have the status of ‘having someone to date’. Ever experienced that?

If you are like most women you will say YES to at least one of these questions.

Even the best quality women fall into the trap of the wrong guy.

Liz was an attractive outgoing woman in her forties. She had a great job working for a major law firm in San Francisco. She had a house in an affluent area. She had everything.

She met her boyfriend Paul several years ago. Paul had a Master’s Degree because his parents put him through school but he never used it. He couldn’t keep a job, was running from child support for his two kids from his ex girlfriend he never took any interest in, and was ultimately staying with his wealthy parents.

Liz dated Paul for several years, in the course of which he also cheated on her when he had an opportunity. She gave him a job at the firm she was working at but he didn’t like the boss or what the boss said and quit.

Finally after years Liz woke up, broke it off and found a new guy. And last thing I heard was that she is now engaged.

If you keep dating the wrong men, perhaps it’s not the men. When you realize that a faulty guy will not turn into a prince no matter how much you invest in him, you will move on and find THE RIGHT GUY.

If you want to know how to identify the Right Man, read This Page!

If you have ever found yourself settling for less than you deserve and want to share your story, leave a comment down below.

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8 Responses to “Why You Keep Attracting The Wrong Men”
  1. Andriette says:

    where do i find my mr. right?

  2. Kelly says:

    Excellent advice. I love that these emails verify it’s NOT us, it’s that we keep accepting the behavior of these kinda of men..

  3. Julia says:

    great article, thank you

  4. Kathryn says:

    Elaine, I love your books. I’ve already purchased Find Your Future Husband and the one on texting. Look forward to reading more of your fabulous writings.

  5. Gina says:

    I’m a single, professional, college graduate, homeowner, etc etc. Sorry but I DO NOT date men who have nothing to bring to the table. I’m turned on by men with job stability, take good care of their children (if they have any), great communicators, financially accomplished and carry themselves well.

    I would not waste my time hanging out with a guy who would conveniently be too busy to help me do anything. If I’m dating a guy who doesnt have a problem taking the back seat while watching me independently do things myself or have to pay someone else to do handyman things for me….he’s immediately dumped.

    I do not need to buy or read thousands of books to figure out a man’s needs and wants. They are human just like “we” are and the bottom line is if they’re “into you” there’s no need to precondition yourself or watch your every move to make sure he’s not “Gone With the Wind” over any little thing.

    I have been rude to men, broken up with them, barely care or inquire about their personal well being or business life, not interested in them emotionally and they still chase or come back anyway. I have dated professional athletes, successful business men, guys with bodies out of magazines, handed the keys to porches, hummers, mercedes, corvettes, and received diamond rings from men I’ve never slept with or had any intentions of doing so.

    I will continue to say….”Men are either ready for a relationship or they are not” (and 90% of single men are not) “If you settle for less, you get less.” I dated one guy for 3 years and never cooked for him once….he enjoyed cooking and I was more than happy to pass that chore to him.

    When your personal attitude is “I dont need to settle for or put up with anything that comes my way”….men will either step up to the plate or run to someone they can walk all over. None of this is really rocket science to me. There are men who I havent dated in years (or at all) who continue to profess their love for me (including my ex husband who’s stated he’d marry me all over again).

    I will remarry when I’m ready to make that commitment to whom ever I feel deserves me when the time is right. I receive constant compliments from men, women (at work, in public and even my son’s teenage friends who are way less than half my age).

    I dont need to dress or act trashy and although it is very common that I receive compliments from people I dont even know regarding my physical beauty, I’m a very humble person who will only fall for a guy who’s interested in who I am internally. Thats my Love Story….

  6. Relationship Back on Track says:

    Greattotally agree with you. It is not very often you get a well thought out post on the net so I am happy to see this, thanks

  7. Dustin says:

    I am very pleased with the great Commitment …. I am sure many individuals just like me will benefit by reading this information. I will make sure to bookmark this website page.

  8. sue says:

    im sorry but its men with the problem here not the womnan who are trying to hold it all together all the time…where are the commits from men holding it together….you guys basically derserve all you get….go out there girls and have some fun because the men do…..so dont moan about it …go out and do it yourselves…men are toally selfish creators….just ignore them all…go out there and live your life because thats what they are doing at your expense…your emotions and they are playing with your life……as they say…if you cant beat them join them….we didnt through our bras in a 100 years ago to go throught this…harden up girlies and play them back !

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